2015 Subaru WRX Smart Key Fob Remote (FCC: HYQ14ACX, P/N: 88835SG040, ‘GNE’ Board: 271451-5290)

Dealership: $385.00


2015 Subaru WRX Smart Key Fob Remote (FCC: HYQ14ACX, P/N: 88835SG040, ‘GNE’ Board: 271451-5290)

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  • richmancill (verified owner)

    Worked well. Good price.

  • Barbara (verified owner)

    Very pleased. We got this for our 2018 Subaru Forester. Buyer does need to find a locksmith to cut and program, was $30 for us, but it that was done and now we have a working key.

  • M. Freeman (verified owner)

    The key worked perfectly. I successfully programmed the key immobilizer and remote functions to the car. I had tried a pair of keys off Ebay that failed programming. This is the key to get, works as claimed.

  • Mike P. (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 of these and they worked perfectly. The cases were of course scratched and in used condition, but that is exactly what the description said. No more than I would expect any 24 year old key fob. I am very pleased since they are fully functional and the price is very fair compared to new from the dealer. I’ll be purchasing spares for my Honda also

  • Craig (verified owner)

    The fob looked like new and works great.

  • Joe

    Prompt delivery,excellent fob.I had key cut and programmed by a local locksmith with 10 minutes for $75.Works perfect

  • Richard R (verified owner)

    It worked great

  • Gary Kinsey (verified owner)

    I saved over $250 by using NorthCoast Keys . The dealer wanted over $350 for the key, cutting, and programming it to the car. I paid a total of $90 for everything. The key was $40 and the cutting and programming from a locksmith here in Idaho Falls was $50.

  • Marvin Jackson (verified owner)

    Works Great, Shipped quickly. Great deal too!

  • Charles Cooke (verified owner)

    Purchased a 2011 Outback with 1 remote key. Contacted North Coast Keyless and purchased two (2). Both were identical to original and local locksmith cut and programmed both keys. All work well, very happy with North Coast Keyless’ service and quick response. Chuck Cooke