About NorthCoast Keyless

Humble Beginnings

NorthCoast started from humble beginnings as two guys in a basement who saw people either paying outrageous prices ($200+) to replace their keyless remotes from a Dealership or purchasing poorly made counterfeit remotes on big box online retail stores at too-good-to-be-true prices and saw an opportunity to do something for the little guy. What if there is a way to source OEM keyless entry remote fobs at wholesale prices for their customers — saving them money AND providing quality products

Leader in Vehicle Keyless Entry, Remotes, Fobs & Smart Keys

Well, we’ve now spent over a decade working hard to develop a network of suppliers so that we can get you keyless entry, remotes, key fobs, smart keys at wholesale prices!  In other words, we solved the problem of outrageous Dealership prices by sourcing all of our products at a reasonable cost, so that we can pass those savings on to you!  

Our Philosophy

At NorthCoast, we believe in doing the right thing and helping others. Not only in business but in life. Actually, that’s one of the reasons we became passionate about selling keyless entry remotes.  We saw people paying outrageous Dealership prices ($120+) to replace their keyless remotes and saw an opportunity to do something for the little guy. We’re not just selling car keys, we’re saving hard working people money with every transaction. We work hard and do what we say, for you; and above all else…

We Love to make our Customers HAPPY!