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Started at the Bottom…

NorthCoast started from humble beginnings as two guys grinding away on a small eBay store from a basement in Erie, PA. Years of hard work were spent creating a sourcing network for OEM keys all over the country and that small eBay store became NorthCoast Keyless. 

Changing Business as Usual

Before we launched, business as usual was everyday people paying outrageous prices ($200+) to replace their lost key fob remotes from a Dealership.

Big box online retailers came along and offered a cheap alternative, but these poorly made counterfeit remotes break after two weeks of use and end up costing more over the long-run.

Because of this, we saw an opportunity to do something for the little guy.

Quality Products at a Discount

Our goal was to find a way to source OEM key fobs at wholesale prices for our customers. With NorthCoast Keyless, we created a store that offers our Customers high quality products at a discounted price.

We’re now saving people hundreds of dollars on the same products that they used to get only at the Dealership.

All for You

At NorthCoast, we believe in doing the right thing and helping others. Not only in business but in life. We’re not just selling car keys, we’re saving hard working people hard-earned money with every transaction. We work hard and do what we say, for you; and above all else…

We Love to Make our Customers HAPPY.