How to Find the Right OEM Key Fob for Your Vehicle Using Your VIN Number

How to Find the Right Key Fob for Your Vehicle

Hey there! If you’ve ever lost a key fob or just needed a spare, you know that heading to the dealership can be a pricey trip. They might ask for upwards of $400 just to get you set up with a new fob. But what if we told you there’s a better way? At NorthCoast Keyless, we provide the same original key fobs as dealerships, without that heavy markup. Come with us as we show you how to find the compatible key fob for your vehicle.

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Identify Your Key Fob with Your VIN

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is like your car’s fingerprint. It’s unique to your vehicle and tells you everything about it, including what key fob it needs. You can find your VIN on your vehicle’s dashboard or the driver’s side door frame. Once you have it, finding the right key fob is easy. Simply, go to the link provided that matches your vehicle brand and enter your VIN into the search. Then just navigate to the electronics category and write down the part number provided.

Step 1

Save with NorthCoast Keyless

Once you have your part number, come back to us at NorthCoast Keyless. Why pay $300 when you can get the same high-quality OEM key fob from us for around $60? We help you save big, and it’s as easy as a few clicks. Skip the Dealership markups! We’re trying to make a livin’, not a killin’.

Step 2

Get Local Programming

After you’ve saved a ton on your key fob with us, just contact a local automotive locksmith. They can program your new key fob on the spot, usually for about $60. It’s way more convenient and way cheaper than a dealership appointment.

Step 3

Drive with Confidence

With your key fob programmed, you’re ready to go. Drive confidently knowing you’ve got a high-quality, durable key fob that won’t let you down. And hey, you did it all without breaking the bank!

Unlock Unbeatable Prices

Save, Program, Drive!

Remember, at NorthCoast Keyless, we believe anyone can tackle their key fob needs without the hassle and high prices of a dealership. It’s easy. After you’ve determined which key fob is compatible with your vehicle, follow our simple three-step process: Save, Program, Drive. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save while still getting the best for your vehicle. Let us help you keep a little more cash in your pocket, while getting back on the road with ease.


Shop with confidence at NorthCoast Keyless, knowing that you’re getting the highest quality product at the best prices.