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OEM was definitely the way to go. I bought a pair of cheap knock-offs 6 months ago that both failed in the first month. It’s nice when what you order actually performs.

Thomas W.

This was a smart move — already went through two inexpensive replacements. The price was right and they are true ACDelco key fobs that should last as long as the originals.

Nick C.

Awesome response time to a slight issue I had, they really took care of me.. Awesome customer service, I will purchase new fobs for all my vehicle from these guys!!

Harold S.

This remote was exactly what I wanted and worked out to be $130 cheaper than what was quoted by the local Jeep dealer. It worked well for my 2014 Jeep Grand. Took the car and the key to the same Jeep dealer who programmed it for $80 within 1 hour. One less thing to worry about now.

Dimuth S.

Definitely worth the money. I got an aftermarket brand with the truck I bought and needed another. I went ahead and bought 2. Glad I did as I now have the range to lock and unlock my truck within my house. The aftermarket key fob required you to be within 10 feet of the truck to work. If I need another key fob I will buy again. Thanks!

Brad K.

Fast shipping, arrived 4 days sooner than expected. This key fob and blank are half the price than the Dodge dealer wanted just for the fob and would still have to pay for service dept. to program, so I was skeptical about it working. Took it to a friend at the dealer and programed just fine. (2016 SRT Challenger) Would Highly recommend!

Arthur B.

Took it to the Dodge dealer and had it programed. They did it in 20 minutes and it works great. They charged $30 to program.

Bill L.

Great price on a spare GM key fob. Programmed in seconds using Driver Information Center in ’08 Tahoe. No need to visit dealership where they’d have done the same thing & charged for it!

Gregg H.

This is a great product. I bought a set of cheaper ones before and they did not last. It is worth the little bit of extra money to get a quality OEM part.

Bradley B.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I did not get one of these with the purchase of my 2014 Chevrolet Silverado WT. So purchased this, trusting that it would work, went to Chevrolet Dealership, $35.00 to program it, BAM!! Works perfectly! I went without this for a month. If I need a second one, will be coming back!

Paul L.

TOTALLY HAPPY with my (2003) Honda Odyssey keyless door opening remote. It was not hard to program with their easy to follow instructions, and works beautifully! SO glad I didn’t buy from Honda dealer ($135- for same remote).Great seller! Delivered when and what I expected. Highly recommend!

Lisa W.

I was very skeptical on purchasing anything online but I must say I was impressed with this purchase. My original key was damaged and beyond repairable. I called a Jeep dealership and they quoted me $227 for a new key, cut and to get it programmed. I purchased this key for $30 and took in to the dealership to have it cut and programmed (for $60). I saved $137 by ordering from NorthCoast Keyless.

Cesar C.

NorthCoast Keyless provided me with absolutely fantastic service. When it turned out that I had ordered the incorrect key fob for my vehicle, NorthCoast not only offered me a full refund, but allowed me to return the fob in exchange for the correct one at no additional cost or cost of shipping. They were extremely prompt and courteous. I highly recommend this seller for any needs.

Jordan S.

Great price for this item compared to going to a Dealer. I’m not tech savvy, so was concerned about programming to car. Instructions seemed clear, but it still took me a few tries to get it. But overall, less than 10 min to program remote to car. Definitely a bargain compared to Dealers!!

Gretchen B.

The item I ordered from NorthCoast Keyless was shipped immediately, within just a few hours after placing my order. I received this item a day before my earliest estimated delivery date (3 business days) for standard shipping. Wow!….and THAT Speedy Delivery Service was FREE! Double WOW! Thank You NCK. Your attention to the customer is outstanding :)

Janet L.

Yea, I do not have to enter my car with a key anymore! I received my keyless entry remote on Wednesday. I am a 75 year old woman and was a little skeptical about trying the instructions. Finally, on Sunday I got the nerve to do it. Tried it once and much to my amazement it worked the first time. Thank you for your very clear instructions. We leave for part of the winter and when we return, I will buy a second one.

Diane A.

NorthCoast Keyless is fantastic! They’re a family run business dedicated to their customers. Included with the keyless vehicle remote was instructions on how to program the remote – super simple! Their prices are extremely reasonable as well – Autozone wanted $69.99 for the same vehicle remote.

Grant R.

Better quality than local locksmith carried. On time delivery. Also, they sent a letter explaining how important it was to them to make things right if any problems were to come up. I didn’t have any, but I am confident they meant what was said in the letter. Family business. Keep up good work it is appreciated.

Peterson P.

Totally happy! Works perfectly. Simple instructions. Set it up in the parking lot of Denny’s, took less than 5 minutes, from opening the package to finish.

Sean F.

Hi! I just wanted to thank you. Your product was shipped quickly, and your directions made it easy to program. Everything works just like it should. Thank you very much!

Tom L.

Great product! Would highly recommend purchasing a OEM replacement, such as this one, over a cheaper replacement at Autozone, O’Reilly, etc.

Greg N.

OEM unit. Worked flawlessly.

Doug M.

FANTASTIC SERVICE. I received this January 9th. 1 1/2 days after ordering. Five stars is not enough. I will definitely order again if needed.

Stuart W.

…It’s refreshing to see companies who stand by their products. I will recommend them and do business with them in the future.

John G.

Why would anyone buy a generic fob. These fobs are great, OEM. Used on 07 Mustang. Programmed both fobs in 15 sec. Can open trunk or lock doors from inside my house 40ft away. Delivered to my door in 4 days including the weekend. Thanks!

Jason G.

This saved me over $140 and I didn’t have to buy the remote from a Dealership!

Alicia S.

It worked on my 2013 Ram 1500. Saved over $200 compared with Dealer price!

Omar M.

I was very impressed with the customer service I received on my order. He was very prompt on answering my questions and solving the issue I was having. I received the replacement fob exactly when he said I would. I would not hesitate ordering from this company again and will tell my friends and family about the excellent service I received! :)

Janet E.

I am very pleased with the product I purchased. I am even more pleased that the two items I purchased cost less than one would have at the Dealership! From my experience, I would recommend to my friends to contact NorthCoast Keyless for their needs.

Roger K.

Super helpful and responded quickly to my questions. Fast shipping! Thanks!

Casie W.

Excellent seller. Very quick shipment and delivery. Using enclosed instructions, remote was programmed in less than 5 minutes.

Paul O.

Item arrived earlier than anticipated. Included simple instructions on programming that worked the first time with no issues!

Robert B.

Reprogrammed my keyless remote myself in 30 seconds with your included directions. You made it simple, saved me time and saved me money that I would have spent at the dealership. I appreciate that!

Bobbie M.

Great service and good directions. I am 75 and had apprehensions about getting this remote to work. I followed the directions and it worked perfectly the first time. I will be ordering a second one from these sellers.

Diane R.

I received my key fob sooner than expected and I was able to program the key fob to my car in a matter of minutes. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I would highly recommend and should I lose another key fob, I will definitely order from NorthCoast Keyless again!

Tanishia S.

Awesome product, key-fob programmed right away with the easy to follow instructions. When reading the fob instructions it seemed like it would be a complicated procedure, but just do what they say and it will work :) The fob I ordered was a lightly used model and sure enough, it was in great shape and I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t hesitate to order future products from them and will recommend them to anyone that needs a fob that they have in stock. Thanks again!

Brad N.

I have to be honest, this was my first online purchase! I am very pleased with my purchases. The remotes were programmed yesterday and work perfectly. I truly appreciate your rapid response and great customer service. Thanks again, NorthCoast!

Sheila M.

I was a little skeptical. How could something that costs so much at the dealer be so reasonably priced and work? Buy it from NorthCoast Keyless. Works like a charm. The instructions were easy to follow and the product looks great. Thank you. I’ve recommended it to some if my friends.

Debbie L.

Item was perfectly as advertised. Brand new! Looks so much better that my old one (especially after the lawn mower ate it). It was SUPER easy to program for my truck. Inexpensive, also. My local Hardware store wanted $90!

John S.

CUSTOMER RECOMMENDATION…THANKS GUYS! I’ve bought an awful lot of things online over the years, but I have never seen a tighter organization than NorthCoast Keyless. I needed a remote for my old Honda and Google found them for me. When I got to the website I found a NEW remote, not “remanufactured” and not “from previous owner” that fit my car for $27, not $100 like my Honda dealer wanted. I also found easy step by step programming instructions there that kept me from forking over another $30 to the dealer They mailed my remote with FREE SHIPPING the same day I ordered it, First Class, and I got it in 3 days. The thing looks and works exactly like my old OEM piece, that is to say excellently and from a good distance too. If all this isn’t enough, in the package with the remote came the “NorthCoast Commitment” which has an FAQ section (in case you’re having trouble programming) plus their 30 day return policy and 90 day product guarantee. Then, if you still can’t program it, they recommend you call an Auto Locksmith rather than a Dealership to save more money. They even keep track of ALL their old customers (over 64,000 I believe it was). I’m expecting a Christmas card. Needless to say, if you need a remote, look no further than NCK. Try finding this kind of product, price and service on eBay. Bottom line, I got my remote for less than the Dealer wanted to program the darn thing!

Steve S., California