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Are you an Auto Locksmith, Dealer or online retailer looking to buy or sell keyless entry, remotes, key fobs, car keys, smart keys? Hit us up using the contact form below! We’ve got the capability to support your wholesale buying and selling needs and give you cash for your remotes.

We’re straight up and do what we say. No games, no gimmicks — just getting you what you need at the price you need it.

OEM Only

We ONLY buy or sell OEM keyless entry remotes.
We will take ANY and ALL action(s) available against any individual or entity who attempts to sell us counterfeit lookalikes.

10, 100, or 1,000

Feel free to contact us about any buying or selling opportunity. We are able to support transactions of thousands of keyless entry remotes in one order.

Manufacturers, Distributors, Auto Locksmiths & Average Joes

We work with anyone that has a need to buy or sell OEM keyless entry remotes. Whether you’re a big time manufacturer, distributor, locksmith or just the owner of an eBay store — feel free to contact us about a buying/selling opportunity.

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For efficient and successful transactions, be sure to specify (1) the quantity of keyless entry remotes you are interested in either buying or selling, (2) the OEM brand(s) of remotes that you have or want and (3) your contact information and we promise to respond promptly (within 72 hours) to get you taken care of.

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