2010-2013 Mazda 3 Sedan 4-Button Flip Key Fob Remote (FCC: BGBX1T478SKE12501, P/N: BBM4-67-5RY, GS4B-67-5RY)

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2010-2013 Mazda 3 Sedan 4-Button Flip Key Fob Remote (FCC: BGBX1T478SKE12501, P/N: BBM4-67-5RY, GS4B-67-5RY)


  • Jack (verified owner)

    Bought the fob/key as a spare for the sole one that came with purchase from previous Mazda 3 owner. Followed directions to enter programming mode for the fob buttons several times and although I was in correct mode, no programming occurred. Opted to get the key cut and everything programmed at Batteries+Bulbs which worked great.

  • Anonymous

    Worked great had a local locksmith program it for $140

  • Mizzouman1 (verified owner)

    Bought two of these after I obliterated one when closing my door to my home (got caught between the door and the jamb). Got an extra one to have a spare. Took them to Batteries Plus to have them programmed. Excellent product, easy to find local programming options. Would buy again.

  • Eileen (verified owner)

    Was so easy to program. Would highly recommend this company.

  • Cheri (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly and looked new even though I ordered the “slightly used”. I hope to not lose another fob/key, but if I do, I will certainly order from this company again! Bonus… Their website was so helpful! I knew exactly where to go to get to he fob programmed. Thanks!

  • Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works great and was very easy to program.

  • Tiffany Vakilian

    I wanted to make sure it worked for a whole before m review. Everything about this process was perfect.

  • Matt Gaffney (verified owner)

    I had purchased prior from another sellar and none of them would work with my son’s car. I came across this site and took a chance on it. received the fob went to his car performed the programming action and on the very first try it worked. Done !!! Great Site and excellent documentation.

  • Tiffany

    Looked great, worked great, and with all these price increases, it was nice to find such a GREAT DEAL for such an important part of my car ownership!

  • Al (verified owner)

    Got the key and got it cut. The sequence to open and close the door did get the car into the program, but it did not recognize the key fob. Luckily I still had both original keys so that programming procedure worked…kind of. The car recognizes the key now and starts the car but none of the remote buttons work so I have to open the car door with the key. Its just a spare, so it will work.

  • Denise (verified owner)

    This is a great small business to support. Excellent quality products, low, low prices, and stellar customer service.
    I am so glad that I found NorthCoast Keyless online. I saved almost $200!

  • Daniel (verified owner)

    I had difficulty programming the remote with the instructions provided. I was able to find alternate instructions online that did work. Once programed, I had an issue with the remote, where the lock and panic button functions were reversed. For example pressing the lock button would activate panic mode, and pressing panic button would activate the door locks. My initial thought was, oh well I saved and can deal with the swap of buttons. After thinking it over a bit, I decided to look at the inside of the remote, and noticed the circuit board inside appeared upside-down. I separated the board from the rubber backing, flipped the board around and reassembled the remote. Everything worked as it should after flipping the circuit board around. I gave 4 stars to this because aside from poor instructions and an improperly installed circuit board, this remote does exactly what it’s supposed to, looks OEM, feels quality enough and is a good price.

  • Devon M. (verified owner)

    Key arrived quickly in the mail. I was able to switch the electronics from my cracked old key to this one, and it works perfectly! Easy and quick process.

  • Elizabeth Z (verified owner)

    Key works just like the original key that came with my car. Didn’t have any issues having it programmed. Just as described.

  • Lisa Rogers (verified owner)

    Item was easy to confirm it was the right part, it worked and programmed perfectly. Shipping was fast. YES I highly recommend this site! Thank you!

  • Travis (verified owner)

    Will use NorthCoast Keyless again!
    Received quickly!

  • John Carruthers (verified owner)

    Saved about $120, worked perfectly

  • Colleen (verified owner)

    I needed a second keyfob for my Mazda 3 and had a very good experience with the key I ordered. I found customer service extremely helpful. I took my key to be programmed and it worked except for the trunk which was not programmable. I saved $200 thank you so much!!

  • John (verified owner)

    Great price. My fob cover broke up. Just buy one from here and just replace the guts. Razor knife all that was needed. Fast shipping

  • Pete (verified owner)

    As advertised. Works like the original, and my local independent locksmith was impressed.

    The dealer quoted a price without the key, and it was more than the NorthCoast Keyless fob.