2014-2019 Mazda 3 4-Button Smart Key Fob Remote (FCC: WAZSKE13D01 P/N: GJY9-67-5DY)

Dealership: $250.00


2014-2019 Mazda 3 4-Button Smart Key Fob Remote (FCC: WAZSKE13D01 P/N: GJY9-67-5DY)
2014-2019 Mazda 3 4-Button Smart Key Fob Remote (FCC: WAZSKE13D01 P/N: GJY9-67-5DY)

  • Nik (verified owner)

    I thought it was going to be a fruitless gesture before i ordered it but when it came and followed by clear instruction on the programming i was surprised at how easy and great the new key was. It was worth it. I just took my old key out with the little chip and placed it in the new key and it has been working great since. Thumbs up

  • Rich (verified owner)

    Works great, loved the price, got it programed super quick.

  • Steve Morse (verified owner)

    Great Product! These have been programed into cars for customers. I will defiantly be reordering to replace the ones I use.

  • Walter (verified owner)

    Glad I found NorthCoast Keyless, the dealership wanted 220.00 for the keyfob + 120.00 for programing it + 25.00 to cut the key, for a total of 365.00 dollars. By purchasing the keyfob from Northcoast and going to a locksmith for programing and key cut it cost me a total 164.95, saving me 195.00 dollars. I will never purchase a keyfob from anyone else. Thank You. Walter

  • steve ainsworth

    I had purchased two of these keyfobs from AM*Z*N. The key/fob did not include the transponder chip! You cannot find that out until after you have had the keys cut and attempt programmimg.
    The Key/fob combo from NorthCoast Keyless came with keys that included a transpondeer. I programmed them myself and everything now works! I should have started here!

  • Erika (verified owner)

    Key was “lightly used” and in great condition. An auto locksmith paired this seamlessly with my 2016 Mazda CX5.

  • Bruce Friest (verified owner)

    I got my key and had no problems getting it programed.
    These guys are great. Much cheaper that the dealer.

  • James S Williams (verified owner)

    My slightly used 2022 Mazda CX-9 came with only one fob and the dealership wouldn’t offer me a new one. I bought a slightly used fob from NorthCoast Keyless and asked the Mazda dealership to program it, but they said it wouldn’t work because I had purchased it online. They also wanted $230 to program it, if possible. I hunted around Medford and found a locksmith who programmed it in 30 minutes. The charge was $80, and it works perfectly. I highly recommend North Coast Keyless.

  • Jack (verified owner)

    Bought the fob/key as a spare for the sole one that came with purchase from previous Mazda 3 owner. Followed directions to enter programming mode for the fob buttons several times and although I was in correct mode, no programming occurred. Opted to get the key cut and everything programmed at Batteries+Bulbs which worked great.

  • Anonymous (verified owner)

    Worked great had a local locksmith program it for $140