Step 1

Determine Part Number

It’s important to get the correct remote for your vehicle. You can do this two ways:

Check Existing

Just check the back or inside of an existing fob. ALWAYS get the same button configuration.


If you do not have an existing fob, call a Dealership with your VIN to get the Part Number you need.

Vehicle Search

Step 2

Purchase Online

Now that you have the correct Part Number, you can do a simple online search. Be sure you’re buying an “OEM” part from a trusted source, so that you save yourself from any complications with your vehicle (and your wallet!).

We sell only OEM with fast & free shipping as well as a 100% Guarantee that it works or your money back.

Part Number Search

Step 3

Program the Remote

Search our site for Programming Instructions for your vehicle. Depending on your vehicle, you’ll need to:


Use our free instructions and program the remote yourself in a matter of minutes!

Auto Locksmith

We recommend calling an Auto Locksmith for remote programming if you need it.

Vehicle Programming Search


The OLD Way

Go to a Dealership and pay too much.

The NEW Way

Get the same remote for less and have it installed yourself.

Dealerships are Dinosaurs

Dealerships don’t work for you. Dealerships mark up Parts up to 5X with an ancient supply model! Also, Dealerships are notoriously less than helpful with their “gotcha” way of business, so why go to them?

Need Programming?

Check NorthCoast Preferred Locksmiths

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We Work For You!

We’ve Got Your Back

We work hard to offer the highest quality OEM products at the most competitive prices on the market. To do this, we keep our costs low as a small family-run business. This allows us to offer the best prices to you. We also use some good old fashioned common sense by not marking up our products like Dealerships do! All of this results in us being able to offer high quality OEM products to our Customers at a fraction of the price of the big guys.