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2019-2021 Mazda 3 Hatchback 3-Button Smart Key Fob Remote (FCC: WAZSKE11D01, P/N: BCYN-67-5DY, BCKN-67-5RY, BCYN-67-5RY)

Dealership: $300.00


  • Jody-Ann

    I was really nervous to order a key fob from here because when I called the Mazda dealership they kept expressing that there’s a high chance it won’t work so, I didn’t want to waste my money. But I took a chance and they were able to program it with no problems and it saved me $120. when I ordered it, it came really fast and tracking was super easy.

  • Brian (verified owner)

    I bought two of these for my Miata 2008. I had them cut and programmed by a local locksmith for $95 for these two flipkeys and two other keys for same car. They all worked great! These flipkeys are well made and are realy the same as the OEM keys less the logo. I bought a logo sticker on Ebay for $10/2. Great purchase. I am very happy.

  • Scott (verified owner)

    Excellent quality OEM!

  • Scott (verified owner)

    Excellent quality OEM!

  • Torsten Eide

    I purchased a FOB as well as a Transponder key from
    North Coast Keyless. When I opened and compared the chip board inside the FOB to the broken one I have. It was identical to the old one I had for my 2017 Mazda 3.
    So for my particular FOB the one I purchased from NorthCoast was indeed an OEM part for Mazda.
    ( manufactured by Mitsubishi oddly enough. Perhaps this makes them more expensive than they should be?) In Canada Mazda Dealerships that I got prices from all charge north of $340, for that part and that’ is without the Key that fits into the FOB that if you do not have, one you cannot use a key ring with it! For that key (included with the FOB I purchased from North Coast Keyless at no “extra” cost) Mazda dealerships here in Canada want an additional $70-$90 for!!
    I ended up purchasing an extra key
    (With a transponder) to fit the FOB I purchased.
    I payed a total of $117.00 including shipping, for a FOB (with free key included) plus an extra key with transponder. Thank you NorthCoast Keyless!
    I saved a minimum of $360 dollars off the absolutely abusive pricing offered by Mazda Dealerships here in Canada. Those same dealerships that then go on to refusing to program program your key if it was not purchased at a Mazda Dealership which thankfully I did not! I got my FOB programmed to my Mazda (it cannot be programmed by the consumer and requires a professional automotive locksmith with the required specialized equipment be used) by John Varga, the owner of JV Automotive here in Edmonton. He not only has all of the Licences, skills and equipment to get the job done properly and efficiently, he also does it with a smile on his face and he charged me only $160 to do it ( for my particular Brand and FOB type). That’s $90 Dollars less than the $250 that the Mazda Dealership wanted and they won’t come to you, so you would have to pay for towing on top of that!! At minimum another $100 saving, so I saved myself $190 using JV Automotive Locksmith (on NorthCoasts advice to skip programming at the dealership and use a professional mobile automotive locksmith)) and the $360 I saved on my FOB and key, I actually saved myself a grand total of $550 Dollars!!
    Thank You so much NorthCoast Keyless!
    Just amazing!

    The only tiny drawback through my entire experience had nothing to do with. NorthCoast Keyless as they had my order packed and out the door before the end of that same day. My only beef was the US postal Service.
    Particularly that ISC New York Facility that 60% of all US international post for the east coast of USA transits through for customs. It’s a huge facility handling incredible volumes parcels and it can take a long time because of that. If you live outside the USA and you need your FOB right away, do not use that method for shipping.
    Use a courier. It’s worth the extra cost and you can afford it, with all the money you’ve saved using NorthCoast Keyless!

  • Steve (verified owner)

    Review from Ontario, Canada.
    Mazda wanted $830 CDN for a replacement fob for a 2018 Mazda CX-5. Ordered 1 new blank key from NorthCoast for $99 plus $7 shipping to Canada. Paid $27 duty. Had it programmed and cut for $65 and it works beautifully! Took about 15 to program and cut. The CX-5 has 2 different FCC codes. Make sure to select the right code WAZSKE13D01 or WAZSKE13D02 by checking inside your working key or the remote buttons won’t work. Excellent service from NorthCoast! I’ll definitely use again if I ever loose another key. BTW key is an exact match of the original.

  • bryan

    key fob was a perfect match for my mazda 5. programming instructions were easy to follow and completed in less than a minute. shipping was fast and accurate.

  • David Branning (verified owner)

    We have a 2014 Mazda 5 and one of the fobs stopped transmitting, even with a fresh battery (but the physical key still worked fine). The dealer wanted several hundred dollars just to replace the fob and program it. Nope. I ordered a replacement here for under 40 bucks, took it apart, snapped the old physical key into the new fob, and had the new transmitter programmed in under five minutes thanks to the instructions posted here. It turns out that this process de-programmed the other, working fob that we had, so I had to do the procedure again with both fobs in the car, and reprogram both at the same time. Still very easy to do, and it worked like a charm. Both fobs and keys work properly. Thank you Northcoast Keyless for a great experience (fast shipping, great communication, part exactly as described) and for saving us time and money!

  • Aaron (verified owner)

    The FOB itself works well and was reasonably priced.

    The programming instructions were very close, but had one crucial error that caused difficulty with my ’06 Mazda 3. The instructions indicate to remove the key from the ignition upon turning to the ON position 3 times (Step 4b). This was incorrect – the key must remain in the ignition or the vehicle will never enter programming mode. Alternate instructions online highlight this and it made all the difference. After that hiccup was resolved, it programmed easily and so far is working very well.

  • Paul Williamson (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, key was as described, no problem Programming. Excellent service.

  • 2019-2020 Mazda 3 Hatchback 3-Button Smart Key Fob Remote (FCC: WAZSKE11D01, P/N: BCKN-675RY)
    2019-2021 Mazda 3 Hatchback 3-Button Smart Key Fob Remote (FCC: WAZSKE11D01, P/N: BCYN-67-5DY, BCKN-67-5RY, BCYN-67-5RY)
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