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2011-2015 Ford Explorer 3-Button 80-Bit SA Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: CWTWB1U793, P/N: 164-R8070)

Dealership: $250.00


In stock

  • Tony (verified owner)

    You’re linked to reprogram the remote didn’t work for me. Had a locksmith program it and it works great.
    The key ring is tiny!!

    Thank you

  • Elle (verified owner)

    Cheapest and reliable place I found for Ford OEM fob. Elsewhere was $100 and up, which is definately way too much for a key that even still has to be programmed. Hopefully will nevere need to buy another again, but if needed, this is the place to go. Thank you!

  • JOANNE M KELLIHAN (verified owner)

    after trying several remotes i ordered one from northcoast . everything worked as it should with fast shipping and great communication . yes it is more expensive than most but this one works thanks north coast

  • James A Buckner (verified owner)

    These keyless entries are the BEST 👍👍👍
    I purchased some @ Oriellys & they were JUNK
    If you want the original ones Northcoast is the place to get them. I give them a 10 👍

  • Brad

    I received the new fob fast. Instructions were easy to follow and in just a few minutes my new fob was programed and ready for use. Thanks to North Coast Keyless, I have a new working fob at a very affordable price.

  • Kevin (verified owner)

    Shipping took longer than expected or it would’ve been five stars. But it eventually arrived. I followed the instructions on the North Coast website and programming took less than a minute. Fair price and so far it works perfectly!

  • Dwight Buchanan (verified owner)

    What a surprise to deal with a company that does exactly what they say, excellent customer service, excellent product and fast delivery, even to Canada. Thank you Northcoast Keyless for a wonderful experience.

  • Frank Harbor (verified owner)

    Worked perfect

  • Ryan Phillips (verified owner)

    Excellent price, and the key fob worked perfectly for my 2023 Badlands Bronco. It even included a battery. I highly recommend!!

  • Jeff Hester (verified owner)

    Worked great. We needed an extra key fob for my son’s truck after Dad (me) drove off with son’s keys on the hood and didn’t know about it. Was able to program with the Universal EZ Installer and we are back in business with two working remotes. Thank you! (This went so smoothly I’ve ordered an extra key fob for my daughter’s CX-5.)

  • 2011-2015 Ford Explorer 3-Button 80-Bit SA Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: CWTWB1U793, P/N: 164-R8070)

    In stock