2019-2021 Toyota RAV4 3-Button Smart Key Fob (FCC: HYQ14FBC, P/N: 8990H-0R010)

Dealership: $350.00


2019-2021 Toyota RAV4 3-Button Smart Key Fob (FCC: HYQ14FBC, P/N: 8990H-0R010)
2019-2021 Toyota RAV4 3-Button Smart Key Fob (FCC: HYQ14FBC, P/N: 8990H-0R010)

  • Lauren (verified owner)

    I ordered two keyless remotes and they both worked perfectly The email you send with the link to the programming instructions was great. It took me a few tries following the instructions but I got them working. I had to disable my active car alarm first before programming as programming kept setting off my alarm.

    I also love that you included information on alternative reputable places to have someone else program the remote for reduced prices compared to the dealership prices.

  • John Spaleta

    Bought two keys. Perfect match for 2011 Toyota Matrix. Local Looksmith cut and programmed keys. Saved $460+Tx off dealership. Too good but is true.

  • Corrie S (verified owner)

    The key fob looks exactly like the original, I had the key cut and it works, but I haven’t programmed the buttons yet.

  • Jacob D (verified owner)

    Works perfectly for our 2008 Toyota Corolla. Great price and prompt shipment. The programming was quick and easy following the instructions provided on the NorthCoast website.

  • Debby Brinkley (verified owner)

    Exact key fob as the original. We brought to a local locksmith that did auto key fob programming. Saved a bunch of money ordering it here!!

  • Thomas Finholt (verified owner)

    This was exactly the product I needed — and NorthCoast directed me to an auto locksmith who was able to program the fob and cut the emergency key in about 20 minutes — all at a fraction of the astronomical price my auto dealer was going to charge.

  • ANTHONY (verified owner)

    hi bought the key, had a locksmith come to the house he cut the key worked great he said it didn’t program so I did try it. it worked unlocked the doors and locked them after he left all works also the key seems heavy and amazing quality would do business in a heartbeat with this company Northcoast Keyless. thanks again to all the staff

  • dlefko7107 (verified owner)

    Well worth the money. I ordered more keys for my 2007 Camry.

  • John Doe

    Within a few minutes the locksmith had duplicated it from our existing smart key. Cutting the emergency key took a bit longer but was still uneventful. In total I saved over 50% from what the dealer would have charged me, and we now can’t tell our new smart key from the old.

  • Bonnie P. Wald (verified owner)

    Excellent quality key, locksmith said there were no hiccups in programming. Highly recommend.