2016-2021 Toyota Prius 3-Button Smart Key Fob (FCC: HYQ14FBC, P/N: 89904-47530, 89904-47580, Board: 231451-0351)

Dealership: $385.00


2016-2021 Toyota Prius 3-Button Smart Key Fob (FCC: HYQ14FBC, P/N: 89904-47530, 89904-47580, Board: 231451-0351)

  • John Doe

    Within a few minutes the locksmith had duplicated it from our existing smart key. Cutting the emergency key took a bit longer but was still uneventful. In total I saved over 50% from what the dealer would have charged me, and we now can’t tell our new smart key from the old.

  • Bonnie P. Wald (verified owner)

    Excellent quality key, locksmith said there were no hiccups in programming. Highly recommend.

  • KENNETH HORINEK (verified owner)

    Very fast service, it was like new and very easy to program. Thank you

  • Vince (verified owner)

    This was an awesome key. Locksmith said he’ll try even without me being sure I had Master. He still made it work. This key was perfect. Operates all doors and starts car. $35 key and $94 program. Still saved $400 over Dealer and now I have backup.

    $17 Amazon key was returned. It feel light and cheap compared to this one from Keyless! Glad I did. It would have been $95 work or fail!

    5 star experience

  • Dusty (verified owner)

    Fast service,parts as advertised. Very Satisfie

  • Heather (verified owner)

    So much cheaper than a dealer! Bought this key and had a locksmith come out to cut and program the key. Saved us so much money and the key was programmed and cut in less than 10 min with no issues!

  • terrence (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 keys for an ’06 Toyota Rav4 at a really good price point. They came in like 2 or 3 days via USPS. I found a local locksmith who cut & programmed them for like $40 each. We are super happy to have keys that the remote buttons actually work again! Should have done this a couple years ago

  • Robert Clark (verified owner)

    I always read reviews before buying products. This was a 100% positive purchase experience. You saved me hundreds of dollars. The product exceeded expectations. It was a genuine Toyota OEM part and looked brand new. The programming was easy, and it works flawlessly. Why spend hundreds at a Toyota dealership when you can purchase the exact same product from NorthCoast. Product arrived quickly and I will buy two more for my son’s Rav4. Well done NorthCoast Keyless!

  • Raymond (verified owner)

    Dealer quote was $558 CAD for a replacement FOB. That is more than a 55 inch 4K Ultra HD smart TV (starting at $428 CAD today Jan 13, 2023). Both require similar effort for setup/programming. Dealer pricing is a rip off. FOB is equivalent to the TV remote, not the entire TV. Thank you North Coast Keyless.

  • Ralphael. S (verified owner)

    I am glad I was able to order this key from NorthCoast keyless no one paid me for my review either I wouldn’t lie anyway because I read review to hope to help me buy everything. I will tell you if someone rates something bad that doesn’t mean I will not buy from them it depends on how many bad reviews there are and the situation i would hope the business will make people whole agiain if its there fault. So first here’s a quick story just stay with me. So I had bought a key from another company online i can’t remember the name it was 8months ago for my other daughter car a terrain. I thought it would be easier for him the locksmith to come to My home to code my oldest daughter car I will say this that locksmith couldn’t get that key to work but i am not 100% it was the key he pulls up with a beat up old mini van with all he stuff but just seemed unprofessional no logo on shirt or vehicle so he said that he know how to deal with coding the keyless keys 🔑 for my GMC terrain basically I had 2 keys and wanted a 3rd one made because one was a little beat up and i was going to give my daughter 2 key and i kept 1 key. he seemed real puzzled when trying to figure out this key coding .I told him to pull up YouTube to figure it out smh but he never did figure it out all he did was take the chipboard out of old key and put in new key so I still lost Money because I could have done that so I ended up with only 2 keys not 3 key i tell this you this story because it makes a difference where you go and have business done .Ok here my review for NorthCoast keyless i give them 5 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 rating above because this time I bought the key from this site NorthCoast Keyless and this time I took it to the dealership and it was done in about 2hours and my daughter toyota camry was ready to roll and we need this 2nd key 🔑 was important before would give her the car just think if she lost that 1 key and not having a spare key that will COST $$$$ you alot so if you need any key get it from NorthCoast keyless they were fast with delivery aswell and would recommend them to any of my friends or family 👪 thank NorthCoast Keyless 🔑 🗝 🔐 🔑