2008-2013 Toyota Highlander 4-Button Key Fob Remote (FCC: GQ43VT20T, P/N: 89742-0W011)

Dealership: $250.00


Order in 10 minutes to ship today!

  • Reggie (verified owner)

    Key arrived on time. Took it to local locksmith who programmed and cut the key. It works perfectly and I saved $$$ over what I would have paid the Toyota dealer and other online “key” providers.

  • Vitalii (verified owner)

    I needed the second Fob for Toyota Prius 2011, and when I ordered the 2010-2015 Toyota Prius 4-Button Smart Key from NorthCoast, only Lightly Used option was available. However, it worked perfectly well after programming with a professional local locksmith. I believe, the NorthCoast delivers the keys you can trust.

  • Barbara Blundell

    Ordered a replacement fob and key for my 2016 Mazda. Shipped with tracking info and received within a week. Took it to an automotive locksmith today and it was programmed with no problems. Everything works great. Thank you NorthCoast for the rapid shipping and for saving me money by not having to go to a dealer!!

  • Emad (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with my order from NORTHCOAST KEYLESS. The key that I ordered is as it was described and it was easy to program, and works better than my original key. It is like new, original Toyota key, and with fast shipping. Thank you guys.

  • Carrie Turner (verified owner)

    The key fob arrived in a timely manner, I was able to program it to my 2007 Toyota Solara very easily using the instructions that were sent via email link. Awesome customer service NorthCoast!

  • Lauren (verified owner)

    I ordered two keyless remotes and they both worked perfectly The email you send with the link to the programming instructions was great. It took me a few tries following the instructions but I got them working. I had to disable my active car alarm first before programming as programming kept setting off my alarm.

    I also love that you included information on alternative reputable places to have someone else program the remote for reduced prices compared to the dealership prices.

  • John Spaleta

    Bought two keys. Perfect match for 2011 Toyota Matrix. Local Looksmith cut and programmed keys. Saved $460+Tx off dealership. Too good but is true.

  • Corrie S (verified owner)

    The key fob looks exactly like the original, I had the key cut and it works, but I haven’t programmed the buttons yet.

  • Jacob D (verified owner)

    Works perfectly for our 2008 Toyota Corolla. Great price and prompt shipment. The programming was quick and easy following the instructions provided on the NorthCoast website.

  • Debby Brinkley (verified owner)

    Exact key fob as the original. We brought to a local locksmith that did auto key fob programming. Saved a bunch of money ordering it here!!

  • 2008-2013 Toyota Highlander 5-Button Key Fob Remote (FCC: GQ43VT20T, P/N: 89742-0W011)
    2008-2013 Toyota Highlander 4-Button Key Fob Remote (FCC: GQ43VT20T, P/N: 89742-0W011)
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