2013-2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: CWTWB1U811, P/N: 57497AL00A)

Dealership: $200.00


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2013-2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: CWTWB1U811, P/N: 57497AL00A)


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  • Deidre (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly. Took it to my local locksmith who cut and programmed it for $66 total.

  • Deb Vadnais (verified owner)

    Received the FOB quickly in the mail. Contacted a local Batteries’ Plus, who cut the key and programmed it. Had a working key in no time. Really appreciate your service. Ended up paying $110 total. Definitely a huge savings off the dealer costs.

  • Clifford (verified owner)

    Took some fumbling around, but eventually found the the correct programming procedure and with great help from the customer service folks, the replacement fob now works perfectly.

  • MOHAMED ELMANSY (verified owner)

    Tried many different key fobs from different vendors but none of them worked. I bought this key for my Subaru Forester 2010, I received it within 4 days from placing the order. I got a detailed instructions how to program it through their website.
    I was pretty easy to program it and id really worked from the first time!
    Thank you!

  • Bob Anderson (verified owner)

    The procedure to pair them to the car was somewhat painful but doable. They work great and the price was fantastic. Totally worth it.

  • Sam (verified owner)

    Good price, fast shipping, and worked as advertised.

  • Jody Kliska (verified owner)

    Glad you steered me to the G key. Took it to the locksmith to cut the key,then the dealership for programming. They require you to bring all of the keys, since they re-program all of them. Works great, excellent value for my peace of mindm

  • Terry

    The key fob was as described and was simple to program with the instructions from North Coast and a YouTube video. Happy with the quality, price and service.
    I would highly recommend North Coast Keyless.

  • Ken (verified owner)

    bought 2 keys for my subaru and they worked perfectly. had them programed at a local locksmith and am very pleased. Will defenetly buy here again and have told my family and friends about this company

  • Justin

    I ordered a replacement key fob and it was the wrong model for my car. North Cost Keyless had great customer service and responded to my emails very quickly. The return process was painless and I would highly recommend them.

  • JAMES LARSON (verified owner)

    Half the price of new and in perfect shape when received, including new batteries. So nice to have dependable fobs again. Very easy to program with included instructions!

  • Christina (verified owner)

    Ordered a used key fob for my 2004 Subaru forester. It came in a few days. Followed the directions to program (on my car you had to turn from on to off really fast) and it works perfectly. We’ve needed a spare for a long time, but put it off until we misplaced our only fob. Found the old one, but so glad to have a spare.

  • Eric Young (verified owner)

    Bought 2, both were easy to program and work very well. Thank you.

  • Matthew Bowen (verified owner)

    After I tracked my purchase it looked like it wasn’t supposed to show up until Monday, but ended up getting it three days early on Friday. Such a deal – programmed without a hitch and works great so far! Even though it’s used it’s looks to be in great shape as well.

  • Liam Harvie (verified owner)

    The Subaru dealer wanted $455.00 to replace my key fob. I purchases one from North Coast Keyless for $50, and found a local locksmith who could cut it and program it for $90.00. Total cost to me was $140, a savings of $315. I’ve been using North Coast’s fob for about 1 month and so far all is working great. I would highly recommend North Coast Keyless.

  • Matt B (verified owner)

    Absolutely as advertised heavily worn but works well. Would like another but now out of stock.

  • Matt (verified owner)

    Absolutely as advertised heavily worn but works well. Would like another but now out of stock.

  • Benjamin Niu (verified owner)

    Needed to purchase a couple of these fobs to replace the one that was lost. I bought two because I am keeping one for me for daily use and the other one as a spare in case I lose another one. These fobs are identical to the one I still have in possession, and they are in better condition. I followed one of the programming procedure provided by the NorthCoast and all is well. I will definitely buy from NorthCoast again as they are truthful with their advertisement and the products work flawlessly.

  • Jose L Romero (verified owner)

    It’s working perfect, easy to install too

  • David Deutsch

    Great deal! No problem in any aspect