2018-2019 Subaru XV Crosstrek Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: CWTB1G077, P/N: 57497FL00A)

Dealership: $300.00


Only 3 left in stock

2018-2019 Subaru XV Crosstrek Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: CWTB1G077, P/N: 57497FL00A)


  • Jeremy B (verified owner)

    Worked great to date. Saved me a lot of money in lieu of going to the dealership. Worked with a local locksmith to have the key coded.

  • Pat

    Key and key fob worked perfectly. Needed to be programmed by a licensed locksmith. My locksmith was confused at first as she didn’t see the code, but discovered it inside the fob. The code to program the fob is inside not a slip of paper on the outside.

  • Christian Waskiewicz (verified owner)

    The two replacements Fobs were an excellent price, in stock, and ready for immediate shipment! We received our entire order in just a couple days. Our experience was very satisfying and we will be ordering another needed Fob soon.

  • David (verified owner)

    Key quality and condition is fantastic. Key programmed perfectly, no issues. :)

  • Nick (verified owner)

    Key fob works great. The programming instructions provided were incorrect but I was able to program with a more complicated sequence from a youtube video.

  • Irene B. (verified owner)

    Ordered this and got it in a timely fashion. It was super easy for the locksmith to program—about 15 minutes and it works great. If I had ordered it from the dealership, I would’ve paid about $200-$300 more. If I had ordered it from locksmith, I would’ve paid a $100 more. Total cost by doing it this way $100–with locksmith programming fee. So glad I ordered it via North Coast Keyless.

  • William Champness (verified owner)

    Worked great saved me over $300.

  • Meribeth (verified owner)

    Arrive quickly and works great. Very happy with my service.

  • richmancill (verified owner)

    Worked well. Good price.

  • Barbara (verified owner)

    Very pleased. We got this for our 2018 Subaru Forester. Buyer does need to find a locksmith to cut and program, was $30 for us, but it that was done and now we have a working key.