2020-2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata 4-Button Smart Key Fob Remote (FCC: WAZSKE13D03, P/N: GDYL-67-5DY)

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  • bryan

    key fob was a perfect match for my mazda 5. programming instructions were easy to follow and completed in less than a minute. shipping was fast and accurate.

  • David Branning (verified owner)

    We have a 2014 Mazda 5 and one of the fobs stopped transmitting, even with a fresh battery (but the physical key still worked fine). The dealer wanted several hundred dollars just to replace the fob and program it. Nope. I ordered a replacement here for under 40 bucks, took it apart, snapped the old physical key into the new fob, and had the new transmitter programmed in under five minutes thanks to the instructions posted here. It turns out that this process de-programmed the other, working fob that we had, so I had to do the procedure again with both fobs in the car, and reprogram both at the same time. Still very easy to do, and it worked like a charm. Both fobs and keys work properly. Thank you Northcoast Keyless for a great experience (fast shipping, great communication, part exactly as described) and for saving us time and money!

  • Aaron (verified owner)

    The FOB itself works well and was reasonably priced.

    The programming instructions were very close, but had one crucial error that caused difficulty with my ’06 Mazda 3. The instructions indicate to remove the key from the ignition upon turning to the ON position 3 times (Step 4b). This was incorrect – the key must remain in the ignition or the vehicle will never enter programming mode. Alternate instructions online highlight this and it made all the difference. After that hiccup was resolved, it programmed easily and so far is working very well.

  • Paul Williamson (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, key was as described, no problem Programming. Excellent service.

  • Joe Kalafut (verified owner)

    Our dealer wanted $210 for a 2010 mazda 3 key fob and $230 to program it. I paid $35 for a northcoast one and programmed it in 5 minutes so I saved over $400. No brainer and thanks much!- Joe K

  • Ed (verified owner)

    Looks and operates like the original less the logo. Yes the flip key is stiff because it is new. The remote programming worked but had to do it twice since it clears the original key also. So had to press unlock twice on all keys.

  • Wayne (verified owner)

    I had bought on Amazon a knockoff cheap set but it died in 5 months. But this set from Northcoast I purchased seems more durable. So far it’s going great. Highly recommend.

  • Wayne (verified owner)

    I had bought on Amazon a set but it died in 5 months. But this set I purchased seems more durable. So far it’s goung great. Highly recommend.

  • Henry K (verified owner)

    Mazda 3 fob was perfect. At first, I ordered the wrong version, NorthCoast took the return no problem. Excellent customer service.

  • Russell (verified owner)

    When both of our fobs to our 2012 Mazda failed the dealer quoted hundreds of dollars to purchase and “program” new fobs. The $35 fob from NorthCoast keyless came complete with a new battery, uncut key (which does not need to be cut as the original key snaps into the new fob) and very simple directions regarding how to “program” the fob. Ten minutes later we had a new working fob!

    Not all fobs, particularly from some newer cars, will be this simple so check NorthCoast Keyless’ website support for specific programming information. But if the fob to your specific vehicle is user programmable NorthCoast Keyless is a great resource.

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    2020-2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata 4-Button Smart Key Fob Remote (FCC: WAZSKE13D03, P/N: GDYL-67-5DY)
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