2019-2020 Hyundai Santa Fe 4-Button Smart Key Fob Remote (FCC: TQ8-FOB-4F19, P/N: 95440-S2000)

Dealership: $300.00


2019-2020 Hyundai Santa Fe 4-Button Smart Key Fob Remote (FCC: TQ8-FOB-4F19, P/N: 95440-S2000)
2019-2020 Hyundai Santa Fe 4-Button Smart Key Fob Remote (FCC: TQ8-FOB-4F19, P/N: 95440-S2000)

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  • Doug Buckley (verified owner)

    Arrived on time had to find locksmith that could do the job all programed and key cut what a saving instead of the dealership

  • Paulette (verified owner)

    We love our Hyundai dealership but when we lost a remote fob for our 2003 Santa Fe we had a problem. After waiting a month for an appointment we took it in and then they called us to say that our vehicle was “obsolete” and they could not program the new fob. I found NorthCoast Keyless and had the old and new fob programmed in 5 minutes. Thanks so much for this! Glad to know that it’s not as obsolete as the dealership thinks!!

  • Daniel Gottleib (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Completed process online, good communication on receipt of order, when it was shipped, when it was delivered. Had local key service company come out and program the item. Works great – Dealer wanted $360 for the FOB and another $100 to program.

  • John Gagnon

    This looks and acts like the factory original FOB. Even with a locksmith programming it the total cost of the FOB and programming was 1/2 of what the dealer wanted.

  • Danielle Woltmon (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great service and works great

  • Robin L. (verified owner)

    It was inexpensive, and it works great!!

  • Lucky (verified owner)

    Remote worked on my girlfriends 2009 hyundai genesis 4 door v8. Local keysmith had it programmed after providing key code I got for car through this ebay code seller for 30.00 dollars. The 2 day shipping for the key fob was expensive thought. my only complaint lol . Also the frequency seems kind of low.. which means the doors dont unlock or lock from too far away. You have to be up pretty close.

  • Marianne (verified owner)

    I’m happy with the customer service. I couldn’t track my parcel but they found it for me. Their tracking was better than mine. Product is exactly like what I have so that’s great. Price was amazing compared to the dealership. So pleased

  • Richard Price (verified owner)

    The product I bought was perfect I’m every way and saved me a lot of money and headaches.

  • Misty (verified owner)

    My car is a unique car and it didn’t work cause it’s chip inside my car won’t let me go outside the dealer. These people have been in contact with me and will return my money 100% satisfaction. . I’ve got another car that I need a key fob for so I’ll be definitely using them again. Fast shipment as well . Great company!!

  • Rob Marshall

    The key was what I ordered and arrived in a very timely matter. Would definitely recommend NorthCoast Keyless to anyone looking to add/replace a factory key fob.

  • Akayla Griffin (verified owner)

    Legit company! Saved me over $500 for a key fob

  • Izzy (verified owner)

    Received key fob in excellent condition. I am very happy with the quality of product at such respectable prices. Definitely will buy again from this site.

  • Michael Charles (verified owner)

    Quick receipt of product, I still can not get it to program to my vehicle. I am unable to locate the program switch under the dash. All the location diagrams for my 2005 hyundai santa fe do not match mine

  • Darin (verified owner)

    I decided to go with north coast keyless and went to a mobile locksmith to have the key cut and programmed. This cost me $95 and saved me from what the dealer would have charged. Shipping was fast and good communication.
    I would definitely recommend north coast.

  • Barry Deacon (verified owner)

    What a game changer. In Canada, quoted $500-700 each for new fobs by dealer, after losing our second fob. Locksmith was about 20% cheaper.
    North Coast provided 2 fobs for about $175 Canadian including shipping, 8 days. Got them programmed for $210 Canadian. Total price $385 Canadian for 2 fobs, less than $300 usd.
    New fobs are 100% same as original in appearance and function.
    You really have to wonder about the manufacturer/dealer commitment to their customer. Paying a premium is one thing, getting ripped-off is quite different.
    Thank you North Coast.

  • Mark Tucker

    Saved over $200 bucks and got programmed no problem. Highly recommended.

  • Jonay H (verified owner)

    Perfect! Received quickly and it works great! If I decide to get a second fob it will be from here guaranteed.

  • Richard desena

    Very accommodating and professional, keep you informed up until you order is at your door!

  • William (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly, after getting locksmith to program it, works great on my 2006 Tucson.