2017-2020 Honda CR-V 4-Button Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: MLBHIK6-1TA, P/N: 35118-TLA-A00)

Dealership: $200.00


2017-2020 Honda CR-V 4-Button Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: MLBHIK6-1TA, P/N: 35118-TLA-A00)
2017-2020 Honda CR-V 4-Button Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: MLBHIK6-1TA, P/N: 35118-TLA-A00)

  • Tiffany (verified owner)

    This Company is the truth!!! I had an issue with one of my keys and they made sure I got what I needed with no questions asked!!!!! Thank u guys so very much….AND BY THE WAY….GREAT STURDY GOOD KEYS!!!

  • Shabana Lamei (verified owner)

    Great service, pricing and instructions. Saved me hundreds of dollars. Will buy more!!!

  • Jonathan Garsey (verified owner)

    I replaced my original Honda remote key fob which looked like it was about to break. A local automotive locksmith was able to successfully program it in about 15 minutes. The original fob is now my backup. Happy to have purchased this from a fellow Pennsylvanian and highly recommend them.

  • Jennifer (verified owner)

    The buttons on my 2010 Odyssey key fob stopped working. Honda wanted a 1/2-day diagnostic appt. and quoted me $400 to fix/replace it (new key, programming, etc.). I ordered the 2005-2010 Odyssey Remote Head Key Fob from NorthCoast Keyless for $30, swapped the innards w/ the broken innards from my already existing key & reprogrammed the buttons. Although the directions were simple, they were almost too simple, and I got confused. So instead of taking 30 sec. to program it took me about 3 minutes. The new programmed buttons innards are now housed in my existing cut/programmed key house, and they work together to lock/unlock my doors and start my car. No locksmith or cutting required. $400 ?!!? F-you Honda!!

  • Mark (verified owner)

    Looks like new and no problem with programming

  • MD (verified owner)

    Great service, it took little longer to be delivered, worked great on my Honda odyssey 2016, it was super easy to order the right type, used a local locksmith for programing, Would highly recommend NCK.

  • Tim Lyon (verified owner)

    I’m unable to sync this fob with my vehicle. I’m not sure what the problem is, but after a couple of dozen attempts, I’ve given up. The service was great, however. I received my order quickly and in good shape.

  • Bryan (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly in my 2004 Odyssey. Dealer wanted $300, plus $80 to program it. Programming took 5 minutes of switching the power off and on and pushing the remote button. There are YouTube videos showing the programming.

  • Miguel (verified owner)

    Great service, made it super easy to order the right type and recommended that I use a local locksmith which saved me hundreds of dollars! Would highly recommend NCK.

  • Henry Nicols

    Easy Peasy. 1,2,3. 1. I ordered my Key. 2. Waited for the mail to deliver it. 3. Scheduled a time with a local locksmith and we were done. Less than 50% of the dealer cost. 5 Stars and two thumbs up.