2015-2021 RAM ProMaster 1500 3-Button Flip Key Fob Remote (FCC: 2ADFTTRF198, RX2TRF198, P/N: 68224015, 68236849)

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  • Mark S (verified owner)

    We cannot offer the same type reviews many have written. Let’s wait and see. Our 2015 Ram FOBIK had to be reprogrammed by a Tech-no onboard choices. As advertised the price when compared to a dealership are much lower. Ask me for a review after using the replacement for a few months under varying normal conditions. The “guts” failed on the old FOB, will the North Coast “guts” replacement be better? Yes for now. Thanks for the nice website and told many times it’s so much cheaper than the dealer. So price of replacement, price for (OBD or locksmith) reprogramming is what we are about. The whole process took a fair amount of time too.

  • Antonio Sanchez

    It’s Very good product and works perfect I high recommend it, also fast delivery.

  • Joel (verified owner)

    Works good.fast shipping

  • Brandon (verified owner)

    This is the 2nd key fob I have bought from NorthCoast Keyless. Both were programmed by the dealership and worked great. Only had to buy a 2nd due to losing one to the lawn mower.

  • S Berry (verified owner)

    Highly recommended! I saved hundreds of dollars vs buying a key at the dealer. Excellent service and fast delivery.

  • Bob Mortenson (verified owner)

    These fobs work perfectly on my 2011 Ram 3500. I received them 2-3 working days after I made the order. I took them to my local Dodge dealership to have them programed, however the fobs came with a brochure containing a website to go to, to program them myself. It’s great having my remote start and lock/unlock buttons back!

  • Don Fifuerres (verified owner)

    Fob is perfect OEM model for my 2012 Ram 1500. Took only about 10-mins for the tech to program! Works like a charm! Would highly recommend NorthCoast products!

  • Elliott (verified owner)

    This was a great find, so much less than dealership prices. If you drive all day your Fob is as worn out as mine was, barely worked.
    This Fob works great with NO issues.

  • Asaf Vanunu (verified owner)

    Arrived fast, I took it to a locksmith, he did the programming, and it works great, no problems, recommended

  • Lewis Johnson (verified owner)

    This key fob worked perfectly and looks just like what you would get at the dealer, but for a fraction of the cost! My local Ace Hardware cut and programmed the key for $40. Programming worked perfectly the first try and only took a few minutes.

  • 2015-2021 RAM ProMaster 1500 3-Button Flip Key Fob Remote (FCC: 2ADFTTRF198, RX2TRF198, P/N: 68224015, 68236849)

    Out of stock