2013-2016 Chevrolet Malibu 4-Button Flip Key Fob Remote (FCC: OHT01060512, P/N: 13504200, 13500222)

Dealership: $180.00


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2013-2016 Chevrolet Malibu 4-Button Flip Key Fob Remote (FCC: OHT01060512, P/N: 13504200, 13500222)


  • Steve Ratcliffe (verified owner)

    Received timely followed instructions and within 10 minutes had second remote that worked better than the original . Definitely worth the money

  • Moore Family (verified owner)

    Easy to use website for ordering replacements.
    Good communication from ordering to shipping.
    Safe packaging to avoid damages. Excellent pricing, not as pricey as the dealerships
    Quick delivery.
    I’d use and recommend NorthCoast Keyless to friends and family.

  • Roger Couture (verified owner)

    Our FOB arrived well wrapped after about 10 days. It was brought to a Dealer and programmed easily and effectively. We have saved significantly. North Coast Keyless is the way to go. Thanks

  • Sam E (verified owner)

    I am pleased to have discovered and purchased from NorthCoast Keyless a new key fob for my 2002 Chevrolet Express cargo van, especially at their low price.

  • Pamela (verified owner)

    Thank you for the savings on my fob.

  • Carson Moss (verified owner)

    10/10 and really saved me a lot of money. Totally gone use these guys every time

  • Paul Alters (verified owner)

    Disappointed this time. This is my 2nd purchase of the same product, first one the back of the case broke and wouldn’t keep contact with the battery so I bought another one to replace the damaged case, just transferred the electronic board to the new case. At first it didn’t work at all and I tested the battery and continuity of the pressure pads. Battery was fine as were the pads then I put a small shim under the battery since it was a little loose. Didn’t work so then I started swapping parts from the old broken one to get it working and have a combination that is currently working but who knows for how long. Really frustrating and not sure I’ll buy another one from here or not.

  • Ken Crusius (verified owner)

    Came a day before they said it would arrive. Works perfectly although I had to look up how to program it according to what fobs I had.

  • Gina (verified owner)

    Reasonably priced, shipping was quick, key fob included instructions and in a few minutes (2 tries) my new fob was programmed. I would DEFINITELY use these guys again!!

  • carlos martinez (verified owner)

    Comes in new or slightly used, but you cannot tell the difference. It is just like the brand new ones or original equipment. They are easy to follow, just follow the prompts on the dash, and you can’t go wrong. It is the same as the original GM key fobs, and you cannot go wrong. Like they say in the add, why pay the stealership prices? I highly recommend it, and I highly recommend Northcoast Keyless.