2012-2015 Toyota Yaris Hatchback 3-Button “G” Chip Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: HYQ12BBY, P/N: 89070-35170)

Dealership: $250.00


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2012-2015 Toyota Yaris Hatchback 3-Button “G” Chip Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: HYQ12BBY, P/N: 89070-35170)


  • Jonathan Gutierrez (verified owner)

    Ordered this for my 3rd gen 4Runner after buying a cheaper one that I could just not get to program. The instructions from North Coast Keyless included one important step that I was not doing and kept rejecting the new remote. I successfully programed it now and very glad I purchased here. Looking forward to getting more remotes for my other car.

  • Yvonne Walker (verified owner)

    I am ecstatic: just got a 2006 Toyota Matrix XR. Tried twice to program the fob but it didn’t work. After taking out the insurance gadget to pay by the mile, the instructions worked perfectly. Thanks so much for this large discount along with explicit instructions.

  • John Deis

    I bought a lightly used key but it didn’t work. I tried the dealership and also a local place but both said that the key couldn’t be programmed because it was previously used. To NorthCoast’s credit, their customer service was very good and took the key back.
    I’m going to try again with a new key once they are in stock.

  • Barry

    Bought 4 keys and had a locksmith cut and program them for less than 1 key from the dealership. They work flawlessly!! Highly recommend!

  • Tahiya

    It programmed immediately. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    It was scary going to have it programmed because you pay whether it works or not. It was a piece of cake. Programmed immediately. Thank you north coast!

  • Paul (verified owner)

    Camry key fob looks new is working as expected after necessary programming by local locksmith. Free delivery was exactly as promised. Thank you NorthCoast.

  • Greg (verified owner)

    Great key took it to my hardware store got it cut for 2 bucks used my xtool d8 to program works great

  • Walsh (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my purchase. I also appreciated the tips on calling an auto locksmith. He came to the house and told us that the key was very good quality. It took him no time at all and the key worked perfectly. He charged a fraction of the price that the dealer wanted. Thank you so much! I highly recommend North Coast Keyless.

  • Eric (verified owner)

    Remote works and looks great, Just like I’m sure this car came with when It was new. As soon as I can I’m going to purchase a second one. Thank you NorthCoast keyless!!