2011 Ford Ranger 3-Button 80-Bit SA Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: CWTWB1U793, P/N: 164-R8070)

Dealership: $200.00


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  • Allycia Powell (verified owner)

    Great key! Exactly like the key fob I lost. Said lightly used but looks brand new.

  • Herb Paugh (verified owner)

    Key is identical to the original that came with the car. I plan to order another as a master. Bronco requires you to have two working key in order to self program additional keys.

  • Catherine (verified owner)

    This was a lifesaver! I needed two fobs for my 2013 C-Max. One was completely dead, and the other was starting to act up. The dealer wanted more than $400 for each fob with programming (not including cutting the emergency door keys, which i still had.) For under $250 I got two new original Ford fobs with expedited shipping, and found a local key maker to program them both for $100–all in time to leave for a trip where I didn’t have to worry about getting stranded while away from home. Trying to get by on my Social Security, so saving $450 is a big deal!

  • Cliff (verified owner)

    So good I ordered another lightly used. Just as impressed as the previous one. Highly recommend super easy to program with a fresh battery already installed.

  • Arnold Quintanilla (verified owner)

    This company is great. I saved so much money to buy through them and it was less hassle than finding a dealer. The product arrived sooner than expected.
    And the instructions were quick and clear. Within 1 minute I was able to set up my fob

  • Tymos (verified owner)

    Shipping was timely
    Product is OEM as described
    FOB programming was executed perfectly
    FOB operates as expected
    This purchase was much more affordable
    and efficient than the dealership

  • Kevin (verified owner)

    North Coast Keyless was a great deal to get the right replacement key AND they sent detailed instructions on how to code the new key! A local locksmith shop cut the key for me, and I spent about 30 seconds programming the key when I returned home. Product was delivered on time and worked flawlessly! Thanks for making this an easy, one-stop shop for a replacement key!

  • Harold Corcoran (verified owner)

    This fob makes getting into and locking my car much easier!

  • John (verified owner)

    As expected, brought to local guy to cut and took minutes to program.

  • Ethan (verified owner)

    Works Great. Easy to program in seconds in my driveway. Came with battery

  • 2011 Ford Ranger 3-Button 80-Bit SA Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: CWTWB1U793, P/N: 164-R8070)

    In stock