2011-2013 Dodge Durango 4-Button Key Fob Remote Start (FCC: IYZ-C01C)

Dealership: $200.00


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2011-2013 Dodge Durango 4-Button Key Fob Remote Start (FCC: IYZ-C01C)


Extended Coverage

  • Lewis Johnson (verified owner)

    This key fob worked perfectly and looks just like what you would get at the dealer, but for a fraction of the cost! My local Ace Hardware cut and programmed the key for $40. Programming worked perfectly the first try and only took a few minutes.

  • Bacon

    Worked 1st time.

  • Anonymous

    I reused my old circuit board with the new rubber piece and it worked like a charm. My old rubber buttons were worn totally out.

  • David (verified owner)

    As described, way less than the dealership cost

  • LAB (verified owner)

    Honest company. Will order from here again if need to.

  • Duane (verified owner)

    Fast, easy ,and accurate transaction. Fob was a perfect match and easily programed by a local locksmith. Great money saver.

  • Lionel Hector (verified owner)

    Honest people. Excellent product. A perfect example of exposing the corruption of the automobile sales industry.

  • Leah Bell (verified owner)

    After waiting a year for the dealership to get me a new $160 fob they said only they could program it for another $60
    …only to hear they couldn’t get it. Very frustrating. I’m skeptical about online ordering since I’ve been ripped off before but I got online and ordered a Dodge key fob from Northcoastkeyless.com $55. I recieved it quickly. It looked new and I was able to program it myself within 5 minutes! I would definitely recommend Northcoastkeyless to anyone needing a new fob! They saved me a lot of money and delivered the right OEM fob, that I programmed for free, in a timely manner! THANK YOU Northcoastkeyless!

  • Dave M (verified owner)

    Great product alot cheaper than dealer and works great on my son’s 2007 Dodge ram.

  • Marcus (verified owner)

    Key arrived fast, and was easily programmed. Have been using for several months now with not one single issue. Will definitely buy again!