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2011-2012 Cadillac CTS Coupe 5-Button Key Fob Remote Memory #1 (FCC: OUC6000223, OUC6000066, P/N: 20998255)

Dealership: $220.00


Only 2 left in stock

  • V. Morgan (verified owner)

    No issues. Great quality!

  • Donald Lunsford (verified owner)

    I have gone over six years without a key fob for my 1997 Eldorado. I bought one for well over a 100.00 and it didn’t work! I ordered one from you guys and when I got it it only took five minutes to program. Wow! I love you all.

  • Dane Waund (verified owner)

    Great price, fast shipping and it programmed perfectly. I had ordered one from Amazon previously that wouldn’t program.

  • Tom (verified owner)

    Works great and the price was good compared to the dealers price

  • Chuck McDonald (verified owner)

    Bought used. Looks like new. Easy to program. Works great. Very satisfied.

  • Jim (verified owner)

    New OEM key. Works great!

  • Jerry Patterson (verified owner)

    The key fob was as described. The instructions for programming was easy to follow. I would definitely purchase from North Coast in the future.

  • Mike (verified owner)

    Thank you for everything. The key arrived on time. I was able to find a local automotive locksmith using your link. The key fob worked perfectly. Smooth transaction at a great price.

  • Geoff Riner (verified owner)

    I was a little nervous about buying this key fob and I almost didn’t because I already had an appointment at the dealership to get a new one from them. It was 250 for the key fob and they want 80 more to program it. I’m not rich and that is absolutely ridiculous to have to pay that much so I figured what heck I’ll try it. When I ordered it, it says that I would have to have it programed professionally but I didn’t. I just looked in the owners manual and the programing instructions are in there. So I followed the instructions and it worked and because I have the old key fob just took the key that’s cut for my car and put it in the new fob. So glad I did it this way it saved me so much money. It even has the cadillac emblem on the back. I’m about to buy another 1 to. I 💯 recommend buying it this way over the dealership!

  • Chad (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, high quality product, easy to program. No complaints.

  • 2011-2012 Cadillac CTS Coupe 5-Button Key Fob Remote Memory #1 (FCC: OUC6000223, OUC6000066, P/N: 20998255)

    Only 2 left in stock