2008 Dodge Magnum 4-Button Key Fob Remote Start (FCC: IYZ-C01C)

Dealership: $200.00


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2008 Dodge Magnum 4-Button Key Fob Remote Start (FCC: IYZ-C01C)


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  • Michael (verified owner)

    I was kinds of skeptical at first because I had 2 key fob that didnt work from Amazon but this one work. So I am happy and hopefully it will last

  • Ron (verified owner)

    Worked as advertised and much less costly than dealer options.

  • D. Humphrey (verified owner)

    Fob works excellent. Was programed by the dealer and is everything as expected. Would recommend to anyone in need!!

  • Ronnie Perdue (verified owner)

    Receive my fob quickly, the fob worked perfectly, I would definitely buy again from NorthCoast Keyless, couldn’t have asked for a better outcome compared to what the dealership wanted!
    Thank You again

  • Mike Leone (verified owner)

    My fob was for Dodge Grand Carvan. I admit I was a bit hesitant, but the guarantee offered by Northcoast sealed the deal for me. I made my purchase, had the fob programmed and was totally satisfied with the entire transaction.
    Thanks, NorthCoast……

  • Scott

    I bought the key fob for my 2008 Dodge Caravan at 1/4 the cost. The Dealership wanted over $200 and then another $75.00 to program it and cut the key. I did have to go to the dealer for programming since I only had one key, but still saved $150.00. Definitely recommend, which I don’t normally do

  • Caseley (verified owner)

    Both my fobs weren’t working, and the dealer would be 2 months wait. So i went online and found NotthCoast Keyless and their response was like a 911 emergency. Immediately NorthCoast delivered and save my woes.
    They are the best and i would not hesitate to recommending NorthCoast Keyless.
    Thanks once again NorthCoast Keyless.

  • Chadd (verified owner)

    I ordered the “Like New” key fob for my 2014 Ram 1500. Using AlfaOBD I was able to quickly program the fob. It works flawlessly and I’m back to enjoying a working key fob at a fraction of the cost! The fob I received did have a minor scratch, but otherwise looked brand new. I’d wager it was probably from a junk yard or something like that.

  • JD WINGARD (verified owner)


  • GEOFF REESE (verified owner)

    Great price, fast shipping and easy to program.

  • Donna H (verified owner)

    We purchased 2 keys for a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan 6-button Remote Key Fob because Mopar discontinued that year. We just had one of them programmed today and it works GREAT!!!! No issues whatsoever. Thank you NorthCoast Keyless

  • Jay F Swant (verified owner)

    I hardly had time to think about my keyless fob. Then it showed up in the mail and I had to figure out how to sync it to my truck. Ironically a dealership was cheaper than the locksmith to have the fob coded. So I went that way. I was so excited to finally have a fob for my truck. I purchased the truck about a year ago or so. Imagine having to run around to the drivers side and use a key everytime to get in. I worried about my son being out in the road while I unlocked the truck. Trying to get in with my hands full was always miserable. It was only $19.94. It was a steal and worth every penny. I trust North Coast Keyless. They’re the best!

  • Jeanie Schmitt (verified owner)

    Keys work great. I appreciated your info for local person to program. I downloaded the directions, was going to do it myself but saw you had to have 2 programmed keys to do it. This info would have been helpful before purchase. Unfortunately, I had lost the extra key, so only had 1.

  • Alfred Cataline (verified owner)

    Worked just like OEM

  • Alfred Cataline (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly. Fast shipping. Thank you

  • M. Silva

    1st time using Northcoast and found it to be very user friendly, fast, accurate, NO headache or Hassle and they ACTUALLY respond to questions!!
    Will be using them again for any other Nissan part i need.

  • Paul William Ellis (verified owner)

    Product saved me a lot of money and the headache of dealing with the Dealer. I spent a good hundred dollars less going this route. Easy to program. would buy again for sure.

  • joseph k richardson (verified owner)

    saved me a buch of money. works perfect.

  • Luke

    This is a great, high quality product! I was skeptical at first, but soon found this to be the real deal. Ordered this for my truck and was accidentally sent the wrong fob so I got a hold of customer service and they immediately emailed me a return label and got the correct fob sent with no issues. If I ever need a key fob from now on, I’m definitely using North Coast Keyless!

  • Gemini (verified owner)

    North Coast Keyless promptly shipped my key. We had it programed with no issues and works fine and normal with zero problems. Thank you