2007 Mercury Montego 4-Button 40-Bit Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: OUCD6000022, P/N: 164-R7014)

Dealership: $200.00


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  • Russell (verified owner)

    I just needed the fob not the guts so I exchanged the guts with my old one. Works great

  • Orlando Hampton (verified owner)

    Excellent product and Great price. I wasn’t sure it was going to work but after buying the first and it did, I quickly ordered another one. Thank you very much!!

  • Marc (verified owner)

    Great product looked like new when I got it and worked exactly as advertised. Easy to program and came with the battery installed.

  • Marc

    Great product worked exactly as advertised. Looked like it was just about new when I opened the package with batteries installed. It was very easy to program and the instructions were provided on the website. Next time I need a key fob I will come to North Coast keyless.

  • David (verified owner)

    Item as described. Factoru Keyless remoste.
    Fast shipping and great service. The price was very affordable. Very Honest Company. Will be shopping here.

  • Gina Robey (verified owner)

    I was afraid to program the remote myself so I went to the Ford dealer and he did it in a matter of minutes! And didn’t charge me. So for about $20 I have a brand new remote. I’m in a wheelchair so my van is so important to me! Thank you so much!

  • Tina (verified owner)

    It works perfectly.
    However, the instructions are bad.
    If you try to chat with a rep, they tell you ,you need a locksmith, or dealer to code your fob.
    I was talking with for 45 minutes and just got frustrated and ended up nowhere.

    This is incorrect. Forget the written instructions and go to YouTube .
    Once I followed YouTube for my car, I had the fob set in 2 minutes.

    So do yourself a favor, forget the instructions and go to YouTube,.
    There are two ways to set it up, so check for your car.

  • Lisa Dean (verified owner)

    Soo much cheaper and works great! Dealer wanted 189.00 just for the key!!!!! Under 20 was much better programming was only another 40 through a local locksmith!!!! Don’t be scared of the price difference!!!! These keys work!!!

  • Eduardo Montes (verified owner)

    Great product
    OEM product that actually works with the added plus of being affordable

  • wildbillsemailbox (verified owner)

    These are factory key less remotes. Works great. Programmed just like the owners manual instructed. The only difference between this product and the same thing from the dealer is the price.

  • 2007 Mercury Montego 4-Button 40-Bit Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: OUCD6000022, P/N: 164-R7014)

    In stock