2007-2013 Toyota Yaris Sedan 3-Button Non Transponder Remote Head Key Fob (FCC: MOZB41TG, P/N: 89070-52860)

Dealership: $250.00


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  • Garland Hillyer (verified owner)

    great price on keys, key works great and they saved me a lot of money, got key cut & programed for $65.00

  • YENZY ESCALERA (verified owner)

    Awesome remote. Works same as oem. Easy to program. Great quality.

  • Steve Krebsbach (verified owner)

    I could not believe that I would lose my set of keys to my Toyota and I was so afraid of the cost of replacing it would be. Thank goodness for North Coast Keyless and their great prices and availability! Without them I would’ve spent hundreds of dollars more for my replacement.

  • Brenda Ackerman (verified owner)

    Northcote keyless site was easy to navigate. I had just bought a vehicle it only came with 1 fob. I ordered 2 more & had them programmed by a local locksmith. Cost was $140 for fobs, sent within 4 days to my home, & $80 to program them. Awesome, considering the dealership wanted twice that amount to do the same thing.

  • Jeremy Peters (verified owner)

    I had lost my key and needed a replacement. I first went to a local ACE Hardware and the price for a new key plus programming was $249.99 I was informed I might be able to find it cheaper online. I was a bit skeptical because Ace Hardware could not guarantee the key I purchased online would be programmable and their programmable fee of $50 is non-refundable. I ordered the key form NorthCoast Keyless. I received the key quickly and took it to Ace to have it programmed. The key works! I highly recommend NorthCoast! They saved me $170. Thank you NorthCoast Keyless!!!

  • C Blackwell (verified owner)

    So far so good. Both keys work fine. Got them both programmed for $120. Save about $200 by not using the dealership. The wanted $175 for one key and $120 to program one key.

  • Alberto camanos

    Excellent and serious business with a great experience it makes a big difference in everybody lifes, thanks to you guys deeplyes gratitude thank you so much

  • Alex (verified owner)

    Worked described! Tacoma’s have two different Remote Signals. Make sure you match the correct one.

  • Joe (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Took it to the local locksmith who cut it and then put to immediate use. Key still working well after three months of use. It is an aftermarket great quality key, saved me at least two hundred dollars.

  • Tim (verified owner)

    Key worked exactly as described. Ended up taking to a local locksmith to be programmed and it works! Super fast shipping!

  • Ruth Bean (verified owner)

    Bought a fob from NorthCoast after dealer quoted $320 for the fob + programming. At NorthCoast: $18, plus the instructions on how to program the fob. I am all set. Thank you Northcoast. Your customer service is awesome!

  • Dale (verified owner)

    Exactly as described and works perfectly. The cheap Amazon option I tried didn’t support the rear window function even though it has the button for it. This replacement from Northcoast worked flawlessly, with all buttons fully functional as intended. I’ll be back for another soon.

  • William (verified owner)

    I was so frustrated when a friend to whom I had loaned by car lost the key fob. When I priced out replacements at the local auto parts store, I decided to give up and just use the key to open the doors. But then I found Northcoast Keyless and saw that I could order a replacement fob for pennies compared to what the dealer or auto parts store was going to charge. But I thought, how am I going to program the fob? Will I need a locksmith to take care of this. But the fob came with easy-to-follow instructions and I was blown away when the car responded to the simple programming. I am now so excited when I can walk up to my car, push a button, and have the doors all unlike. I am proud of myself and very satisfied with my key fob from Northcoast Keyless.

  • Dave Lofland

    Ordered up for my RAV4. Prompt shipping. programing info worked right. Will order again from here when I need to.

  • susie (verified owner)

    Great, fast service, thank you. Took it to a Master Locksmith I know here in town (sometimes I’m a bit ‘blond’ about programming something important and I didn’t want to mess it up!) and hey presto, it works! Saved me a bunch of money if I’d gone to the dealer! Thank you!

  • susie (verified owner)

    Great, fast service, thank you. Took it to a Master Locksmith I know here in town (sometimes I’m a bit ‘blond’ about programming something important and I didn’t want to mess it up!) and hey presto, it works! Saved me a bunch of money if I’d gone to the dealer! Tgank you!

  • John A Karamus Jr (verified owner)

    Hello Lost Keys,
    Galaxy – Toyota, NJ wanted $210.00 for the fob with the double sided key cut , plus $125.00 to program it. What I did was, $29.94 for the key from NorthCoast, $2.00 to cut from my local locksmith in
    Bradley Beach, NJ and my nephew programmed it with is scanner for a box of donuts! I am beyond happy with NorthCoast and help from my locals! I give them 15 Stars not 5 !!


  • Andrew George (verified owner)

    Bought this to use as a remote (already have 2 keys that work, but no remote). Description says it need locksmith programming, but I was able to self program it (AS A REMOTE) using instructions found on google.

  • Andrew George (verified owner)

    Works great as a remote. (Haven’t gotten it cut–already had 2 keys) Initially disappointed I couldn’t self program it (but I was warned in the description). Then found this item that let me program it without going to a locksmith: https://www.ebay.com/itm/283935162674?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649

  • Angela L Smith (verified owner)

    Completely Grateful to have found this item. Dealership wanted $130 to program & $134 key fob. Worked perfectly for 2005 Toyata Sequoia. Took a few times going through the programming instructions, but that was my issue not theirs. Glad to help a local business.