2007-2010 Chrysler Sebring Sedan 4-Button Remote Head Key Fob Trunk Release (FCC: OHT692427AA)

Dealership: $185.00


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2007-2010 Chrysler Sebring Sedan 4-Button Remote Head Key Fob Trunk Release (FCC: OHT692427AA)


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  • LKG (verified owner)

    Saved so much $$$$, will definitely use again.

  • LKG (verified owner)

    Saved so much $$$$, will definitely use again. Worked perfectly!!

  • LKG (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly!! Saved so much $$$$, will definitely use again

  • LKG (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly!! Saved so much $$$$

  • Anne Rettig (verified owner)

    We bought my grandson a car on a very limited budget. It came with only one key. We ordered 3 more keys from your firm. They arrived promptly and are perfect. You guys are the best! Our local dealership programmed the keys you sent and all is well now.

  • BM (verified owner)

    This worked fine after I had to pay the dealership $20 to give me the manufacturer key code to the original key fob. I was unable to get it programmed without that key code.

  • Tom Cushing (verified owner)

    New fob works great! (Really only needed the top button panel)
    Don’t tell me you have instructions for programming on the first page, only to tell me you DON’T have them on the last page. Not cool.

  • Jeff Adams

    Just got my key in the mail today. Followed instructions and fob now opens doors, just as promised. Took less than a minute and worked on the very first try. I am impressed and very very pleased. Thank you NCK! You have won me as a customer and you’ll definitely get my future business!

  • Joe (verified owner)

    Purchased a 2004 Town & Country with one beat-up FOB. Went to a Chrysler dealer with proof of ownership and got the 4 digit key code. Took the code to my local Baldinos locksmith and got the key cut and programed for $75. Works perfectly.

  • Paul Craig (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I found this place. My FOBs are 100% OEM, shipped fast at a reasonable rate. Almost 1/3rd what my local stealership wanted. I had a question and a rep replied to me right away.

  • Carlos

    Bought this key with a little bit of doubt but let me tell you the key fob look almost new. I took the key fob to get programed at a local locksmith shop and it only took them about 15 mins to get it work perfectly. Definitely the way to go for a spare key, way better than dealer prices.

  • Zodik Olayinka

    Worked perfectly fine

  • Mark Janzen (verified owner)

    20 dollars to have 2 keys cut. 10 min to program with the 2 original keys. Big savings. Dealer wanted 400 dollars for one key programed they called it a service. Tried to make it a big deal.

  • Paula

    Fast service and arrived quickly in Vancouver Canada; I didn’t manage to pair the fob with instructions unfortunately but really happy with the company service

  • Anonymous

    Worked Great! Programmed by locksmith. Thanks so much!

  • Don Hancock (verified owner)

    The used Fob worked great. Dealer did the coding and cut the door key for $44. Under $100 total.

  • KC Hicks (verified owner)

    Bought a 2016 Chrysler Town n Country Van… After deal is signed…only 1 key? My advice is next time you buy a vehicle…. Make sure it comes with more then 1 key.
    Suncoast Chrysler wanted $289.00 for a second key…. Pissed because I had bought 2 other vehicles from this dealer previously over the years, my brother a new Jeep…and long ago my Grammy had bought her New Yorker from same car dealer.
    This led me to an online search where I found North Coast Keyless. The fob was 38.00 and once it arrived … Well packaged, labeled and timely. I went to Lockman who programmed it within 5 minutes for $85.00 …. What happened to a 3.00 key at Ace Hardware?
    Anyway… If you ever went kayaking and lost your keys…. $125 bucks or so is cheap compared to what the man is going to charge you for finding you in the middle of nowhere…at night, break into your vehicle and make you a chip key.

    So now… I am ordering a 3rd back up key to give to a trusty friend … Just in case.

  • Dustin Brown (verified owner)

    When i bought this key it worked perfectly as it should no problem in programming

  • Dustin Brown (verified owner)

    When i bought this key it worked perfectly

  • Ibarra priscilla (verified owner)

    everything was perfect