2004 Nissan Pathfinder Key Fob Remote (FCC: KBRASTU15, P/N: 90LP0156)

Dealership: $185.00


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2004 Nissan Pathfinder Key Fob Remote (FCC: KBRASTU15, P/N: 90LP0156)


  • Andy (verified owner)

    I needed this fob for a 2014 pathfinder. I had to go to a locksmith to have it coded, but it worked right away after that.

    My local locksmith charged me $60 cash for the coding. Definitely cheaper than the dealership all in.

    I would use north coast next time I need a fob.

  • Sri K (verified owner)

    Excellent, it worked perfectly as advertised. Fast shipping

  • Mickey (verified owner)

    They were great!
    The 3 p’s:
    Great price
    Great professionalism
    Great product

  • Rafael (verified owner)

    Key fob worked perfectly. Took it to my dealership and it was only $75 to get it programmed. Would have been close to $400 to buy a key and programming from them.

  • Steve

    Arrived quickly as advertised, new, OEM, and pointed to me a great locksmith.
    All works well and saved a boat load of $

  • Matthew Craney (verified owner)

    I have bought multiple key fobs from this company and haven’t had one that didn’t work I highly recommend that anyone looking for fobs doesn’t buy those cheap ones from eBay or anywhere else that only 50 percent will sync up and the dealership will charge you regardless if they work or not

  • Clayton

    Everything went great.Worked the way it should .

  • Bill (verified owner)

    Delivered quickly, and worked like a charm after the locksmith (ASAP Locksmith in Lancaster, SC – Mike registered it with our Murano) did his job! Probably saved $250 total!

  • Gena Madigan (verified owner)

    I was warned by the dealership that these keys usually do not program. I went by the reviews before I ordered and purchased one. It programmed. I am so happy. $130 more for cutting the key and the programing. The dealership cost total was going to be over $400. I saved more than 50%.

  • Jim9640

    There was no problem for the dealer to program, and it works great. The dealer charged me $130 to program. I paid $80, for a total of $210 which saved me $65 if I were to buy from the dealer. They did not cut the included key, however. I’m gonna go back.