2000-2004 Nissan Sentra Key Fob Remote (FCC: NHVBU427, P/N: 28268-4Z400)

Dealership: $150.00


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front, 4 button, NHVBU427, 282684Z, Nissan, 2001 2002 2003 2004 Sentra, Keyless Entry Remote Fob Clicker
2000-2004 Nissan Sentra Key Fob Remote (FCC: NHVBU427, P/N: 28268-4Z400)


  • Tara Rorabaugh (verified owner)

    Bought a Murano with o ly one kwy fob and needed a second. Purchased a genuine Nissano Fob from NorthCoast Keyless and had it programmed without a hitch and for a quarter of the cost of what a dealer would charge. Highly recommend!!!

  • Ashley Rodencal (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical ordering this as you never know what you are going to get when buying online, but with the reviews and the price I thought I would try it. I had it programmed by a locksmith for $70 and it worked! The whole thing cost $130 compared to the $230 plus going somewhere else. Very pleased!

  • G. Mason (verified owner)

    I bought two key fobs for my truck. Both programmed very easy. Great products and a great price.

  • Michael Betters (verified owner)

    works great

  • Gayle (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be more pleased with the service from this company. They must have responded to at least a half dozen queries when I was dealing with a dishonest dealership. The car dealer tried to tell me that “those on-line things don’t work.”
    NorthCoast saved me hundreds from what the car dealer wanted. I’d recommend them to anyone.

  • David R Bryant (verified owner)

    This fob works perfectly!! It was easy to install once I read all of the instructions. I highly recommend North Coast Keyless.

  • PJ sipin (verified owner)

    I almost bout a keyless from dealer ship for around $200 but luckily I found the company and saved about $180+. And if works fine

  • Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good quality, easy to program

  • Caitlin (verified owner)

    Key worked great and easily programmed by automotive locksmith. Saved me over $100 from dealership price. These keys are Nissan Keys not knock offs.

  • LR (verified owner)

    I am very please with the remotes that I ordered. They were very easy to program, and work great. Saved so much money!