2001-2004 Honda Odyssey 5-Button Key Fob Remote (FCC: OUCG8D-440H-A, P/N: 72147-S0X-A02)

Dealership: $125.00


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  • Sam (verified owner)

    I was a little disappointed that your company posed itself as a Canadian company. But your product and pricing made up for all of that. Once I figured out the programming, they worked flawlessly. Thank you North Coast!

  • Phil (verified owner)

    Product was exactly as advertised, Honda dealer program it. Works perfectly!

  • Giles (verified owner)

    Key fob was exactly as described. Same as the original I lost. Had it programmed for $40.00 at my local garage as you need the diagnostic tool to program Took them less than 10 minutes. Did not bother to get the new, blank key cut. Key ring suggested is too small, do not bother to add to order. Very satisfyied. Giles

  • Greg M (verified owner)

    I purchased this key fob to replace one which I had lost (I still had one of the original key fobs). It was an identical match to the Honda original. It arrived in just a couple of days, with explicit instructions on how to program it (the instructions are also on the website). I was able to program it with little difficulty, but be aware that you have to program both the old and the new simultaneously. I first programmed only the new one, but then the old original did not work. I also purchased the small key ring but it was too small to fit this fob.

  • Tiffany (verified owner)

    This Company is the truth!!! I had an issue with one of my keys and they made sure I got what I needed with no questions asked!!!!! Thank u guys so very much….AND BY THE WAY….GREAT STURDY GOOD KEYS!!!

  • Shabana Lamei (verified owner)

    Great service, pricing and instructions. Saved me hundreds of dollars. Will buy more!!!

  • Jonathan Garsey (verified owner)

    I replaced my original Honda remote key fob which looked like it was about to break. A local automotive locksmith was able to successfully program it in about 15 minutes. The original fob is now my backup. Happy to have purchased this from a fellow Pennsylvanian and highly recommend them.

  • Jennifer (verified owner)

    The buttons on my 2010 Odyssey key fob stopped working. Honda wanted a 1/2-day diagnostic appt. and quoted me $400 to fix/replace it (new key, programming, etc.). I ordered the 2005-2010 Odyssey Remote Head Key Fob from NorthCoast Keyless for $30, swapped the innards w/ the broken innards from my already existing key & reprogrammed the buttons. Although the directions were simple, they were almost too simple, and I got confused. So instead of taking 30 sec. to program it took me about 3 minutes. The new programmed buttons innards are now housed in my existing cut/programmed key house, and they work together to lock/unlock my doors and start my car. No locksmith or cutting required. $400 ?!!? F-you Honda!!

  • Mark (verified owner)

    Looks like new and no problem with programming

  • MD (verified owner)

    Great service, it took little longer to be delivered, worked great on my Honda odyssey 2016, it was super easy to order the right type, used a local locksmith for programing, Would highly recommend NCK.

  • 2001-2004 Honda Odyssey 5-Button Key Fob Remote (FCC: OUCG8D-440H-A, P/N: 72147-S0X-A02)

    In stock