1998-2002 Pontiac Firebird Keyless Entry Remote Fob 4-Button Rear 2X (FCC: ABO1502T, P/N: 16245100-29, 16245100)

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1998-2002 Pontiac Firebird Keyless Entry Remote Fob 4-Button Rear 2X (FCC: ABO1502T, P/N: 16245100-29, 16245100)


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  • Ryan A Berendse (verified owner)

    Ordered for my 2005 Grand Prix Gxp, had a GM tech friend swing by and program it quick and it works great, will definitely use them again in the future

  • William Mulder (verified owner)

    Received my new key fob for my 2009 Montana SV6, brought it to my local garage and they set it up.
    Although the add stated years 2005-2008 for my vehicle, it also works on the 2009 model year.
    It works great.

  • G (verified owner)

    The best ever. Saved a ton of money. The only thing I didn’t know was that the fobs needed to be programmed…so I had to spend money to have them programmed. But still saved money. Very easy. Thanks

  • Richard (verified owner)

    Ordered for my 2000 Firebird Formula. Followed the instructions and it works perfectly. I will order another. Great product with great instructions. Can’t go wrong with this one!

  • Dan (verified owner)

    Received new keyfob and worked as advertised. Very happy.

  • Deborah (verified owner)

    Great place to order from. I received my items speedy fast! They also provided all of the information I needed to program my keyless remote. Great place to buy from!

  • Khaled (verified owner)

    Your services , has an advantage of being quick response and follow up and give enough explanation to the client since purchasing the item until receiving the item is Excellent . Thank you.
    Khaled – Calgary

  • Kent Bliss (verified owner)

    worked great, dealer wanted $85.00 for this same fob, dealer programmed it and it works great. AAAAAA++++

  • Anonymous

    Thanks it worked great. Nice price too

  • David kelly (verified owner)

    Remote works great. Couldn’t have a Firebird without an alarm remote. Putting the key in the door to unlock got played out quick. Thank you guys!

  • Dave

    This key remote has saved me so much time. I use to have to rush and put the key in the ignition as soon as I opened the doors or else the alarm would go off. Plus it just looks better for me to be able to push a button and the car unlocks / locks rather than manually taking a key out and putting it into the door . Thank you . Easy installation instructions as well 🙏

  • Mike G. (verified owner)

    100% Satisfied with NorthCoast Keyless!!! The dealership wanted $85 for the key fob, and on top of that, they wanted to charge a minimum of $100 labor to program it. I bought two key fobs from NorthCoast Keyless for $59.88, and, they provided me with the instructions to program the key fob myself! By the way, the instructions were simple, precise and extremely easy to follow. Hmmmm…$59.88 for 2 fobs or $185.00 for one??? You do the math!!! To be honest, I thought the product would be low quality, or, it would be a pain in the arse to program myself. Glad to say, I was wrong! Thanks, guys, for being honest, prompt, and saving me money. You’ve definitely earned my business!!

  • Neil (verified owner)

    Received new keyfob and worked as advertised. Very happy.

  • Seth (verified owner)

    Looks an feels just like oem, programed on the first try, even came with the battery installed. Only way you could tell it wasn’t the factory one was that it doesn’t have the fcc number or oem part number on the back.

  • l.s888 (verified owner)

    I was so thrilled to get my new key fob from north coast keyless. It worked perfectly brand new. The only thing I had to go to dealer to have it re programmed. But much less than the dealer prices. I am 100% satisfied. Can you believe the age of my car and I could Actually get a brand new key fob with the starter- too. Truly amazing. Great place!!

  • seb1927 (verified owner)

    Thank you NorthCoast Keyless! It took a little patience but after several tries I finally connected my 1997-2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Keyless Entry Remote Fob (FCC: ABO0204T, P/N: 10246215). You saved me time and a lot of money instead of going to a dealer to fix my remote entry problem. I will recommend you to any of my friends and acquaintances who need keyless entry remote fobs for their vehicles. Also thanks for the free shipping and timely receipt of my remote fob. Again Thanks!
    Stephen B.

  • zachwilley80 (verified owner)

    I Bought a key fob off amazon a couple weeks ago and it failed to program. I figured I would try again with a reputable company and ordered this fob. This key fob programmed right away and didn’t have any trouble like i did with the cheap fob.

  • cmm1446 (verified owner)

    Put a smile right on my face. Followed the DIY instructions and the key fob paired right up. Have been stuck using the key for the past 8 months after the factory fob broke. My only gripe is the quality of the remote compared to the OEM but at $25 vs $120 it’s a factor I’m willing to deal with.