1997-2000 Buick Century 4-Button Key Fob Remote (FCC: ABO0204T, P/N: 10246216, 10246215)

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1997-2000 Buick Century 4-Button Key Fob Remote (FCC: ABO0204T, P/N: 10246216, 10246215)


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  • William Phillips (verified owner)

    Bought a new key fob and it was quick and easy to program. It works perfectly and I probably will buy again.

  • John K (verified owner)

    FoB works great. Saved $75 plus bucks by not going to Buick dealer.

  • Tom Motz (verified owner)

    I purchased the “lightly used” key fob. When I received this key fob, it was in excellent condition. There were not any scratch marks, no wear, and looked to be brand new. The programming was fairly straight forward. I had to do the 30 minute programming, but all worked well. From this experience, I would definitely purchase another key fob from NorthCoast Keyless.

  • Joseph Crowder (verified owner)

    Worked EXACTLY as it was supposed to – my dealership charged $30 to cut the key and wanted $100 to program it – I followed the directions (make certain that you have the right make and model) and EASILY programmed it myself for FREE…and even the remote start works well!

  • Eladio Ruiz (verified owner)

    thanks for the good service and good product I recommend this company

  • Brian Walsh (verified owner)

    Great price with easy to understand instructions that actually work.

  • James Schumann (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast and product was exactly what it was supposed to be. Simple to program first attempt. Highly recommend!

  • Mary S. (verified owner)

    I was able to program in 3 minutes. Great product for the price! I would recommend North Coast Keyless to everyone!

  • John Green (verified owner)

    Shipped expeditiously. Item exactly as advertised. Great communications from NorthCoast Keyless. Worked as advertised. Saved well over $100 when compared to dealership quote. Highly recommend NCK!

  • Lorrie (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 fobs at a very reasonable price!
    Took 2 times to program them, because I skipped a step( my fault). The instructions are very clear and worked just fine the second time! So pay attention and don’t give up! They work very well and I would not hesitate to buy again! Thank you very much!

  • Thurman Wilder (verified owner)

    Great quality and work perfectly! So glad I ordered from Northcoast Keyless rather than paying the dealer’s exorbitant price!

  • Larry (verified owner)

    Quality and function are exactly like original and it was very easy to program.

  • John Dietrich (verified owner)

    Superb product. After I got it programmed for free, it worked as well as the original did when it was new. Would not hesitate to use North Coast Keyless in the future.

  • Tina Lovely (verified owner)

    Price much cheaper than dealer. Took to Buick dealer they programmed and works great

  • randolph nagel (verified owner)

    I found my key fob remote easy to program..This is good. The not good part is the rubber trunk button is positioned were i am constantly opening trunk by accident. Also, the emergency horn button sticks up so high it get set off to much just being handled or put in pocket. That’s it.

  • Dadye Teschl (verified owner)

    I am going to order another one as I lost my fob 😱 can’t beat the price nor the quality!

  • Howard L Bayne III (verified owner)

    Outstanding product and great instructions for programming FOB’s. Worked without a hitch — both units. Slow delivery but the fact that I had no issues made the purchase well worth while. What the instructions didn’t say, however, is that the programming movements are extremely time-constrained. If you don’t perform the steps in the correct manner and in as fast a manner as possible, you don’t get the required response out of the automobile, so you would be unable to program the FOB’s.

  • Liza (verified owner)

    Remote works like a champ, but “free fob programming” advertised on this site turns out not to be accurate. By email, NorthCoast Keyless said I had to take this to a professional to be programmed. Luckily http://www.programyourremote.com has complete and accurate directions that allow you to program this remote yourself in about 30 seconds.

  • Lynn Allen

    Extremely happy with my purchase! As soon as I received it went down and Programed it in less than 10 min for my 2006 Toyota Corolla !

  • Von (verified owner)

    Easy to program, the key fob actually was shipped in the time it was supposed to. Works great, no issues.