1996 Honda Passport Keyless Entry Remote Fob Programming Instructions

Step-by-Step How To Programming Instructions for a 1996 Honda Passport Keyless Entry Remote Fob

We strive to provide convenience to our customers with free keyless entry remote programming instructions for every single vehicle that we sell on NorthCoast Keyless.

Many people don’t know that they can purchase their own replacement vehicle entry remote, save up to 70% off of marked up Dealership prices, and program the replacement remote to their vehicle themselves. We know how good it feels to save money and do something yourself; and we aim to make it as painless as possible for you!

Free Step-by-Step How To Programming & Memory Clearing Instructions for a 1996 Honda Passport Keyless Entry Remote Fob

Verify that this important information is on the back of your remote before using these programming instructions.

FCC ID: Coming Soon

Factory Part No.: Coming Soon

Programming Notes:

Obtain all remote transmitters for this vehicle. This procedure will erase all previously programmed remotes. You must program all existing and new remotes that you wish to use on the vehicle at this time.

Keyless Entry System Memory Clearing Instructions are noted in the dark blue colored steps below.

Step-by-Step How To Programming Instructions:

  1. MOVE the Driver’s seat forward to access the Keyless Entry Receiver located on the floor underneath the Driver’s seat.
  2. TURN the Ignition to ON. (ON is the position just shy of starting your vehicle without cranking the engine)
  3. LOCATE the Green Button on the side of the Keyless Entry Receiver. It will be recessed and accessible with an object such as a pen.
  4. PRESS the Green Button until the vehicle’s exterior lights or the LED on the Driver’s side dashboard illuminate, then RELEASE the Green Button. The vehicle has entered Programming Mode.
  5. Within five (5) seconds of Step 4, PRESS and RELEASE the top button on the remote. The LED or exterior lights will turn OFF and the vehicle will “chirp” and flash the front marker lights to indicate successful programming of the remote.
  6. REPEAT Steps 4 and 5 in order to program any additional remotes.
  7. TURN the Ignition to OFF to EXIT Programming Mode.
  8. Test all remotes. Programming is now complete.
  9. If these programming instructions helped save you time and money, please consider sharing our website with friends and family so they can do the same.


If you have any difficulties with programming the remote you ordered from us to your vehicle, check out our FAQ Page for common questions, mistakes, and solutions to programming keyless entry remotes to your vehicle. Always feel free to contact us at support@northcoastkeyless.com.

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