2004-2006 Dodge Durango 4-Button Remote Head Key Fob Rear Hatch (FCC: KOBDT04A)

Dealership: $200.00


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2004-2006 Dodge Durango 4-Button Remote Head Key Fob Rear Hatch (FCC: KOBDT04A)


  • DG (verified owner)

    Shipped quickly and works great. Easy to program myself using AlfaOBD. Only 4 stars because the valet key insert does not click in fully — the key blank fits all the way in but the release switch stays halfway open. Not sure if the one I got is defective or it’s just hit and miss, but my original fobs both clicked in properly and I expected this one to as well.

  • James Kingsbury (verified owner)

    The arrived fast and it was exactly what I needed for my car and good product

  • Ralph (verified owner)

    Works great, and a fraction of what dealer charges.

  • Matthew Madey (verified owner)

    Bought this to replace a damaged unit that went through the wash. Was for my dad’s 2004 Dodge Ram and works a great! Nice to have to working again and was easy to program with instructions.

  • Harry Scott (verified owner)

    Received my key quickly and it works great!

  • German (verified owner)

    The product works flawlessly, I took it to the Stealership and I thought they would come up with an excuse since it does not have the “Dodge badge” in the back. The signal range is tremendous

  • Matthew (verified owner)

    Worked perfect and helped replace a older one that went through the wash, Nice to have a working remote again!! Got here fast too!

  • Asaf Vanunu (verified owner)

    Arrived fast, I took it to a locksmith, he did the programming, and it works great, no problems, recommended

  • Lewis Johnson (verified owner)

    This key fob worked perfectly and looks just like what you would get at the dealer, but for a fraction of the cost! My local Ace Hardware cut and programmed the key for $40. Programming worked perfectly the first try and only took a few minutes.

  • Bacon (verified owner)

    Worked 1st time.